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by Gabrielle BermanBangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2008. 40 pp.

ISBN: 978-92-9223-232-0 (Print version)
ISBN: 978-92-9223-233-7 (Electronic version)


I) Background

II) Introduction

III) Brief Profiles of the Projects Supported (Afghanistan, Fiji, Lao PDR, Mongalia, Thailand, Viet Nam)

IV) Basic Guide to Undertaking a Human Rights-Based Approach: Lessons Learned from the UN Interagency Project on the Human Rights-Based Approach to Development Cooperation
1. Programme Planning, Design and Implementation
2. Situational Assessments
3. Capacity Building
4. Monitoring and Evaluation
5. Key Takeouts: Lessons Learned from the LLP

Attachment A: The Human Rights-Based Approach to Development Cooperation

Attachment B: Samples of Questions Used During Field Missions in Afghanistan
Attachment C: Project Indicators Thailand


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