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  • 19.11.12:

    Health and nutrition

    This video clip covers the main risks to the health of young children, together with ways of preventing diseases. The importance of adequate nutritious food for children is also presented here.

  • 19.11.12:

    Play in the lives of children

    This video clip shows how play supports all areas of children’s learning and development. There are practical tips on activities which can be done with the children.

  • 19.11.12:

    The many languages of children

    This video clip looks at the many different ways that babies and young children communicate and also emphasizes the importance of children using their mother tongue.

  • 19.11.12:

    Young children's behaviour

    This video clip gives information on young children’s behaviour and what behaviour is reasonable to expect at different ages. The importance of using positive approaches rather than harsh punishment is emphasized.

  • 19.11.12:

    Children with disabilities

    This video clip calls on families and communities to respect all children specially children with disabilities and include them along with everyone in family and community life.

  • 19.11.12:

    Going to school

    This video clip suggests how parents, families and others in the community can work together to make school a successful and enjoyable experience for all young children.

  • 15.11.12:

    Education and Science TV Contents Sharing Project in Asia and the Pacific

    UNESCO Bangkok has recently established a partnership with the Korean television broadcasting company YTN Science TV Channel and the Korean Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) for the Education and Science TV Contents Sharing Project in Asia and the Pacific. The project intends to m...

  • 29.10.12:

    Empowering youth through education

    On 12 September 2012, UNESCO Bangkok organized a talk and mini-concert for non-formal students: 'Youth Empowerment through Mobile Learning Project' at Thailand Knowledge Park, Central World, Bangkok. The event was marked by a talk show-style interview "Let your power shine with 2...

  • 16.10.12:

    Ministers from Asia-Pacific discussed ICT in education

    An Asia-Pacific Ministerial Forum on ICT in Education was held in Bangkok, Thailand on 9-11 September 2012. Organized by UNESCO Bangkok and Intel Cooperation, Ministers and Vice Ministries of education of 21 countries and international experts exchanged knowledge and experience i...

  • 12.10.12:

    I AM THAI - The Karen`s fight for Thai citizenship

    The Karen are Thailands biggest biggest minority group. Even though many of them live in Thailand for centuries and are therefore entitled for Thai citizenship, slow bureaucracy, lack of education and local corruption are often the barriers for many of the applicants. I visited a...

  • 09.10.12:

    The Director for UNESCO Bangkok Discusses the Importance of Youth and IIEP's Upcoming Policy

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