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Public Service Broadcasting was initiated in Thailand in January 2008. Enabled through promises of media reform, its introduction was considered a significant moment in the history of broadcasting of the country, which had perpetually been plagued by commercial interests. The first and the only television station of TPBS (Thai Public Broadcasting Service), TV Thai, started operation in early 2009 with the vision of producing news and other programmes that would educate, inform and entertain people at the same time. Since then it has ensured public participation in the creation of content through active involvement of citizen journalists from all regions and sections of the society. Thus by giving expression to myriad voices and representing varied places and people, TV Thai has attempted to fulfill the mission of upholding diversity of content. This research through in-depth interviews, survey, field observation and study of other forms of documentation seeks to offer insight into the vision, structure and workings of Thailand’s first public broadcasting service and thus analyse its significance and contribution.

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