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The Thai Public Broadcasting Service (TPBS) was established on 15 January 2008. Its sole TV station, namely "TV Thai', also started its telecast on 15 January 2008. Its main objective was to present news, information, and other programmes of quality and diversity that were beneficial for the people.

TPBS was started in a climate when Thailand needed independent media that would follow professional standards and public broadcast philosophy. The people could then have a choice of right media amidst the trend of commercial and state media that had been dominant and influential in Thailand for decades.

‘TV Thai’ is free from political intervention and commercial pressures, many have high expectations about receiving accurate, fair and just information and news. These can be beneficial, edutainment-oriented, and conducive to bringing creativity and imagination to society.

'TV Thai' involves and induce public participation to bring about desirable change in the society by imparting news, knowledge and content that is beneficial to the people.

'TV Thai' is distinct in inducing participation from the civil society to help enhance creative programming and induce diversity. It is a home to quite a few independent producers and has allotted time for 'citizen journalists' as representatives from various areas to report and reflect upon their problems.

As a policy, TPBS involves civil society directly and indirectly in guiding the programme production. Apart from this, TPBS has set up the Audience Council, which induces knowledgeable views and participation from various public groups,which can be beneficial for the programming and production.

The research about TPBS involves two distinct civil society-strengthening mechanisms such as the Audience Council and active citizens' contributions in TV programme contents, such as the Northern TV Programme callled TV Jor Nuer in the Thai language.

Research Methodology

An integrated research methodology is employed, including survey, in-depth interviews, observation, reflection and documentation. The research began with document research from the TPBS website, literature, documentation, and reports.

Other techniques such as survey, observation and reflection were employed in the field for both, the Audience Council across nation-wide forums for expending 'Friends of Public Media', and for active citizen groups contributing contents and ideas for the 'TV Thai'.

Northern TV Programme ('TV Jor Nuer'), was compiled and analysed in all perspectives to build a database that would explain the model that 'TV Thai' is using for strengthening civic consciousness among its viewers in order to ensure its public broadcasting series (PBS) & functions