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This video clip by deeply scrutinize why and how active citizen groups make enormous and concerted efforts to contribute materials to be shown on ‘TV Jor Nuer’, including citizen journalism and documentary. It enables the researcher to understand the manners and levels of participation required to materialising this TV program from the perspective of the active citizens concerned. This ‘behind the scene’ work involves in-depth interviews with individuals and teams striving to make certain segments for ‘TV Jor Nuer’ with technical and other forms of assistance from TPBS and ‘TV Thai’ Extensive interviews were also conducted with key , members of the ‘TV Jor Nuer’ Joint Editorial Production Board and core liaison persons linking active citizens who are contributors of materials for ‘TV Jor Nuer’. In addition, it involves visits to the communities, local areas, as well as offices of individuals concerned to allow them to show the clips of their works before they are broadcast on TV. Altogether a series of montage and clips about the ‘behind the scene’ work done in five Northern provinces including Chiangmai, Phayao, Phrae, Nan, and Kampaengpet are shown.

Chiangmai, Behind the Scene: The work behind the documentary on ‘Mae Kha’ Canal in the province of Chiangmai is shown. It includes in-depth interviews, a visit to the office of the production team, and the showing of taped materials to be used in the documentary. The atmosphere of a citizen journalism training session conducted in the province of Chiangmai is shown. The three-day training session results in materials which can be broadcast in the citizen journalism segment on ‘TV Jor Nuer’, in this particular case, the citizen journalism report by a senior citizens group. Trainers, coordinators, and participants who are citizen-journalists to be are interviewed.