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In these provinces, similar data-gathering techniques were employed such as in-depth interviews, visits to the offices, visits to the local communities, participation in the workshop, the showing of taped materials to be submitted to ‘TV Jor Nuer’ for broadcast. Up to the time of this research until early December 2009, many works by active citizens were ‘works in progress’, including a documentary piece about the water situation in Phrae, Phitsanulok,Kampaengpet, and Nan. Also ‘works in progress’ were ‘Local Dialogue’ materials from Kampaengpet and Pichit. Most of these provinces were also working on ‘citizen journalist’ reports to be broadcast on ‘TV Jor Nuer’. Pichit contributions, e.g.. ‘Local Dialogue’ and ‘Art and Culture’ were broadcast after the research had ended.