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This documentary presents the lifestyle of another fisherman in the same area, who decided to leave the fishermen’s livelihood behind. He went to an urban area for a better paying job as a construction worker. Even though the former fisherman feels that his life outside Kwan Phayao is more desired, he does not rule out a possibility of returning to his native land one day to resume the job as a fisherman if the door of opportunity opens.

The documentary goes on to provide a historical context of Kwan Phayao and analyses the larger problem facing the residents of the area, which require attention and concerted efforts from many parties concerned to allow the problem to be solved. The documentary gives an alternative voice of a local community which can work relatively well in the time of globalization, bringing a balance between living a traditional way of life in a relatively sound environment of Kwan Phayao and adjusting to changes brought to the area from the outside world.

For example, more income can be generated for the local area from selling fish products to buyers from outside, and the fishermen’s community can be turned into a training and learning center for visitors from outside, who want to learn about the Kwan Phayao model. But it also reveals that partnership with and participation from different parties concerned (not only the fishermen’s community and the NGOs) are required to solve this problem in a sustainable manner. This is done by presenting the problem surrounding Kwan Phayao not as a small-scale local issue, but as a large-scale, provincial and public issue.