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This video clip shows the maiden ‘Local Dialogue’ segment , that helps to provide the context and scenario involving the making of ‘TV Jor Nuer’. It essentially involves a joint collaboration between local active citizens, local communities, other parties concerned in the various local areas, and TPBS as well as ‘TV Thai’ staff. The segment’s host invites discussants from diverse backgrounds to share their ideas and experiences to allow the viewers to understand the context behind this TV program.

Participating in the ‘Local Dialogue’ segment are local academics and social thinkers from the North, local media groups, as well as TPBS and ‘TV Thai’ civil society and news staff from Bangkok and Chiangmai Province. The male host of the segment takes turns asking questions from all participants about both off-screen and on-screen work required in the making of ‘TV Jor Nuer’. It remains to be seen if this ‘TV Jor Nuer’ model serves well to bringing local issues to be public domain, and whether this joint collaboration model between local citizens and a public TV channel can be sustainable. According to some participants, this TV broadcast is an experiment worthy of a cause.

It is suggested in the programme segment that work relationship between all parties concerned from outside and within TPBS and ‘TV Thai’, and flexibility in the programme structure in the broadcast are key issues in making ‘TV Jor Nuer’ a success. On the one hand, the burden of any kind should not fall on the civil society groups or even TPBS and ‘TV Thai’ alone. On the other hand, active citizens who contribute to the material shown on ‘TV Jor Nuer’ need to face the challenge of learning techniques and skills for production of programme segments, from basic to high levels and of meeting deadlines for submitting their productions. But as one participant points out, if the citizen groups feel a strong sense of ownership in ‘TV Jor Nuer’, this TV broadcast will be a sustainable experiment.