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Activities on World Press Freedom Day 2010, Bangkok, Thailand

A cameraman is recording the seminar at the Thai Journalists Association, Bangkok, Thailand.

A journalist from Voice TV asks the panelists about political media.

“True media are new media that follow mass media’s code of ethics,” says Dr. Somkiat Onwimol, a media guru and panelist.

The seminar shows the UNESCO’s three-minute video on how Thai people feel about media.

Kitti Singhapat, a well-known reporter, is campaigning on the importance of that day’s event.

A famous Thai singer asks passers-by how they want the media to develop.

A student volunteer is carrying an opinion box.

Young people are writing their views on the media.

A young person deliberately writes her view on the media.

Flags titled “3 May, World Press Freedom Day. Free media help build peace.”

©UNESCO/R. Manowalailao & J. Alaloukusa

UNESCO designated 3 May as World Press Freedom Day to commemorate the fundamental principles of press freedom and to evaluate its contribution to democracy.

In Bangkok, Thailand, World Press Freedom Day 2010 was celebrated with the theme of free media help build peace. The celebration consisted of two main parts.

In the morning, a seminar on how free media can help build peace was held at the Thai Journalists Association. Participants unanimously called for the media to be responsible for its contents and aim for peace. The afternoon activities focused on campaigning on the media importance and asking people at the Central Department Store, Ladplao Branch, how they want the media to be.

The photos show various activities taking place on that day.