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Community Photography for Development

Curiosity lights up as child of Saphan Phut Community sees Bangkok unfold through pictures.

Out of three thematic photographs selected for the ICV exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland, is a picture featuring the idea that “a jar of water is many human emotions.”

Another digital proof for the ICV exhibition in Geneva that captures the ‘order’ present in the dwellings of the less fortunate.

Also chosen for the Geneva exhibition is an illustration of a path leading to reserved community life within the metropolitan.

A little bit of grace can tell a world of difference.

From the mind of a young dweller, an image of ‘community identity’ shows the practice of rural traditions almost forgotten to outsiders.

Children, parents and volunteers gather and prepare for a ‘picture lunch’, a warm occasion for eating food and sharing images, exclusively within the depths of the community.

Sirisak Chaiyasook, among the ‘At First Sight’ volunteers, opens the window to thematic photography with the youths.

Using symmetry to create focus—an amazing feat for picture-taking neatly put to use through hands of a young.

"Love and warmth” was the impression from a young photographer during the identity photography session.

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