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UNESCO Asia-Pacific Regional Field Training Centre on Underwater Cultural Heritage to Open in Chantaburi Province, Thailand on 26 October 2009

Marine archaeologists use a tape measure to identify the size of the hull of a sunken fishing boat.

Divers check the level of nitrogen gas.

Divers head back to the surface to revitalize.

A shipwreck encased in sea life may yield valuable clues to its origin.

Khun Erbprem Vatcharangkul, an archaeologist with the Fine Arts Department, dives over a shipwreck that has been torn apart by drift anchors from trawler boats.

A diver holds a coin from the reign of Rama V.

Underwater archaeologists prepare life-support systems onboard the support vessel.

Initial investigations suggest this article is infused-pottery used in dynamiting processes.

The remains of firewood by the stern of a sunken boat.

The dive team heads back home.

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