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  • 14.06.13:

    57 million children out of school

    Progress in reducing the number of children denied their right to primary education has all but stopped, according to new data from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics. Who are these children? Where do they live, and why have so many never set foot in a classroom? This video presents key facts on the 57 million children who remain out of school, on...

  • 08.05.13:

    Voices of Students on Freedom of Expression

  • 26.04.13:

    Every child needs a teacher

    This two-minute video spotlights the severe shortage of trained teachers around the world, which is the theme of Global Action Week (GAW) 2013. The Global Action Week is a worldwide annual campaign to raise awareness of the importance of Education for All.


  • 04.04.13:

    Listen to the talk on our radio drama for ethnic minorities project

    Vanessa Achilles talks about radio drama programmes on the prevention of HIV and AIDS, drug use and trafficking in ethnic minority languages in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Yunnan Province of China, and Thailand on Radio Thailand FM 105.5. The radio drama programmes and spots were produced in 8 ethnic languages: Akha, Hmong, Karen, Lahu, Lisu, Mien, Shan and...

  • 28.03.13:

    Woman in journalism - Jacqueline Ann Surin from The Nut Graph interview

  • 27.11.12:

    Nantawan Hinds of UNESCO Bangkok talks about the UNGEI Gender Drawing Contest at FM 106 Family News of Connect Thailand (mp3)

  • 26.11.12:

    Better Learning, Better Life

    This video is a compilation of voices from youth in Asia and the Pacific on the future of learning. In a series of interviews, young people discuss the future of learning and express their ideas and hopes for a quality education. The clip also gathers quotes from youth that participated in a recent UNESCO Bangkok regional essay contest on the futur...

  • 22.11.12:

    The Future Learning that I want

    This video was highly commended for Category A (Film/VDO) of UNESCO Bangkok's Asia-Pacific Film/Article Contest: "Better Learning, Better Life".

  • 22.11.12:

    Parenting Education Videos Released!

    Nine videos containing key messages and good practice related to parenting education based on the recent  UNESCO Bangkok’s publications Parenting Education Guidebook and Facilitators’ Handbook for Parenting Education, are released now! 

    These videos are additional resources for community-based parenting education prog...

  • 19.11.12:

    Learning out of the board and beyond

    This video was awarded the prize for Category A (Film/VDO) of UNESCO Bangkok's Asia-Pacific Film/Article Contest: "Better Learning, Better Life". The clip was submitted by the Creative Team at Lopez National Comprehensive High School (LNCHS) in Philippines and carries the message of 'learning out of the board and beyond' for the future of learning.

  • 19.11.12:

    Caring for children

    This video clip highlights what responsibilities everyone in the family and the community has for the health and safety of babies and young children.

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