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Logurkaq - Trailer

According to the Akha tradition, the birth of twins bodes extreme ill fortune. Thus, in the past, twins were killed at birth. Bugeu and Buga are twins born in an Akha village in Thailand. To circumvent the tradition, the girls are separated at birth. Buga grows up in the city with her blood-related uncle (Amae) and sells flowers in bars and restaurants. Bugeu grows up in an Akha household in the  hills.  She leaves home to expand her horizons but gets tricked into working in a brothel. Will she escape? Will the twins meet? Find out in the movie: Logurkaq. 

Logurkaq is the first feature movie written in Akha and filmed with Akha actors. Messages on the risks of human trafficking, drug use and HIV and AIDS are woven into the story.

The movie is in Akha language with Thai and English subtitles. The DVD can be ordered from UNESCO Bangkok by contacting: