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Education - Videos

  • 07.09.11:

    International Literacy Day 2011

    Mr. A.K. Abdul Momen, Ambassador of Bangladesh to the United Nations, speaking about achievements and challenges on reaching the six Education for All goals in Bangladesh by 2015.

  • 07.09.11:

    Greening Business - Manage Resources Responsibly

    Today's world is facing many critical challenges including human-induced climate change. Education for Sustainable Development is a dynamic concept that aims to enable all people to pursue and benefit from a sustainable present and future. Sustainabi...

  • 07.07.11:

    Education is a Human Right - Make it Right!

    In March 2011, World Education leaders met in Jomtien, Thailand, to renew their commitment to achieving Education for All by 2015. During the meeting, statements of high-Level Asian country representatives were gathered in this video to promote educa...

  • 02.06.11:

    Afro-Asian Dialogues on Development -- South-South Partnership for Sustainable Development

    This video gathers visions and animations on an open dialogue on development from a workshop: "Afro-Asian Dialogues on Development -- South-South Partnership for Sustainable Development", hosted by UNESCO Bangkok on 4 April 2011. The President of the...

  • 03.05.11:

    Water is Life!

    This is a story about wasted water, discarded litter and the dangers we face from contaminated water. Conceived as puppet theatre for young children it introduces a Lion as water waster, a monkey as thoughtless trasher, a turtle as the innocent victi...

  • 21.04.11:

    Sustainable living through employees

    The United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005-2014 aims at increasing the role of Education in advancing sustainable development. To meet the challenges of sustainability in the 21st century the UN works closely with the pri...

  • 08.03.11:

    Invest in girls’ education

    This video was produced by UNESCO Bangkok in partnership with the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative East-Asia and Pacific (UNGEI-EAP), to promote gender equality in education, and advocate for more investment in girls’ education.

  • 27.02.11:

    Accelerating Progress in Education For All

    What is Education for All (EFA)? This video is about the six EFA goals and highlights achievements in Asia and the Pacific and beyond, based on the main global resource, UNESCO's yearly Global Monitoring Report. With the target date 2015 nearing to r...

  • 18.02.11:

    On ensuring a child's rights and future

    Interview with Gwang-Jo Kim, Director, UNESCO Bangkok on Early Childhood Care and Education.

  • 21.01.11:

    Your Choice: Green or Late – Sustainable Commuting in Urban Environment

  • 15.11.10:

    Mobile Based Literacy Programme - Documentary by NHK World Japan

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