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Multilingual Education

  • 19.02.16:

    Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education in Cambodia

    Mother tongue based multilingual education (MTB-MLE) is making a tremendous difference in the lives of minority language learners in Cambodia. Created for International Mother Language Day 2016, this video highlights some of the benefits of the MTB-M...

  • 13.12.10:

    Mother Tongue-based Multilingual Education - A Key to Quality Education

    Worldwide nearly 7000 languages are spoken today. Many languages are spoken by ethnic minorities who are educationally and economically disadvantaged because of limited language fluency. This language gap must be bridged if countries are to fulfill t...

  • 19.02.10:

    Interview with Mr. Abdul Hakeem on the International Mother Language Day

    The International Mother Language Day is celebrated worldwide every year on the 21 February. On this occasion, Mr Abdul Hakeem, Education Advisor and Coordinator of the Asia Pacific Programme of Education for All, United Nations Educational, Scientif...

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