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As an organization, UNESCO is undertaking or planning a range of activities in response to the Indian Ocean Tsunami. Listed below are announcements, links, and resources from the various sectors, as well as a new site operated by UN Thailand. As a regional bureau for education, UNESCO Bangkok's primary contribution to the emergency phase of the UN response has been the support of ministries of education in their assessments of damage and need in areas such as health education, and disaster awareness and preparedness (e.g. in the development of educational materials).

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Massive tsunami hits Indian Ocean Coasts
Sunday 26 December 2004: at 0100 GMT, an 8.9 magnitude earthquake occurs on the seafloor near Aceh in northern Indonesia. This earthquake generated a huge tsunami wave, hitting the coasts of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives and even Somalia. More about the Indian Ocean Tsunami (Asian Tsunami).




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UNDAC/UNESCO Mission in Southern Thailand

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