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UNESCO Asia-Pacific in the Media - 2007

Sheldon Shaeffer

The Nation, 29 November 2007
Background: director, Unesco Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education, Bangkok

The Nation, 11 December 2007
Unesco's Srisuman Sartsara says scare campaigns aren't needed to fight the disease because prevention is easy with effective education policies.

The Nation, 18 December 2007
More children starting primary school, more girls in school and increased spending on education goes alongside with poor quality teaching, the high cost of schooling and persistent high levels of adult illiteracy.

The Nation: 12 December 2007
Over 300 educators from 33 countries will participate in a higher education conference to be held at the Imperial Queen's Park Hotel in Bangkok from 12 to 14 December.

The Nation, 25 October 2007
Workshops, talks and chances to get up close and personal with stars and filmmakersare offered.

Hill tribes rock Chiang Mai

The Nation, 26 October 2007
The Chiang Mai hills will rock once again when hilltribe musicians stage their second International Pop Concert to bring attention to their legal status and the prevalence of HIV/Aids, human trafficking and drug abuse.

The Nation, 23 November 2007
In international organisations such as Unesco, interns are welcome to work alongside staff on development programmes and special projects. And, fortunately for the agency, many young people are willing to do just that, offering their time in exchange for experience. So, what drives this motivation, and what challenges and lessons are learned along the way?.

Two United Nations

ON LINE opinion - 19 March 2007
There are two United Nations. One lives largely in New York, Geneva and Vienna. The other is to be found where people are starving, where people are homeless and without a country.

UNESCO to hold intl conf. on freedom of expression in Iraq

Kuwait News Agency, Kuwait - 3 January 2007
UNESCO is to hold here next Monday an international Conference on "Freedom of Expression and Media Development in Iraq," UNESCO said in a press release Wednesday. Up to 200 people are expected to participate in the three-day conference, including the Iraqi media and government officials and representatives of international non-governmental organizations and other organizations.

Media Education Kit published by UNESCO

UNESCO (Communiqués de presse), France - 3 January 2007
Media Education: A Kit for Teachers, Students, Parents and Professionals" has been published in English and French by UNESCO. The kit is partly a product of the MENTOR project initiated by UNESCO and supported by the European Commission. What should Media education be like? Who should provide it? How should it be included in a curriculum? Beyond schools, do families have a say in the matter? Can professionals be involved and how? What strategies can the public adopt to deal with the benefits and the limitations of media?

UNESCO nominates Iranian city of Shiraz as world's second City of Literature

Persian Journal, 3 January 2007 Journal, Iran - 3 January 2007
A local cultural official in Shiraz, Saeed Zahed, who heads the Farsology (Persian Studies) Foundation, told IRNA that the UNESCO National Commission has recently provided a large number of documents about the city's rich literary heritage for the Paris-based United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for the purpose.

Modification of Jahan Nama Tower Trapped in a Deadlock

Cultural Heritage News Agency (CHN), Iran - 2 January 2007

Less than one month has remained to the deadline set by UNESCO for reducing the height of Jahan Nama Tower to the expected level in order to prevent exclusion of Naqsh-e Jahan Square from UNESCO’s World Heritage List. As the deadline approaches quickly, the project has come to a complete standstill, waiting for permission from city officials.

Efforts for World Registration of Qara Kelisa Speed Up

Cultural Heritage News Agency (CHN), Iran - 2 January 2007
Experts of Iran's Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization (ICHTO) have speeded up their efforts to collect information and prepare a full dossier for St. Thaddeus Church, otherwise known as Qara Kelisa (Black Church), to be inscribed in the list of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites.