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Projects by Bangkok Office


Myanmar's Heritage Properties

Under support of several donor countries, Myanmar is at the verge of development in terms of the protection of cultural and natural heritage sites, as well as the safeguarding of its intangible cultural heritage. UNESCO is the lead agency in mobilising expert supports and capacity-building programme to empower Myanmar in both field and policy aspects.


Plain of Jars Tentative List Site


This UNESCO-Lao Safeguarding Project is intended to remove the danger of unexploded ordnance, rehabilitate the plateau's agricultural land and identify priority areas for protection for archaeological research and tourism development.


My Son World Heritage Site

Viet Nam

Demonstration and Training in the Application of International Standard of Conservation at My Son Sanctuary Monuments.


Historic City of Ayutthaya World Heritage Site


UNESCO assisted the Royal Thai Government during and after the flood in 2011 by mobilizing international experts from the UNESCO-IHE Institute of Water Education on water management and from Italy on mural and architectural restoration.


Vat Phou World Heritage Site


Preservation of Vat Phou and Surrounding Archaeological Landscape within a Framework of Sustainable Development of Champasak.