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Training Content


UNESCO and UNESCAP have developed a comprehensive set of training materials designed to provide a basic framework for the CHSG Programme that can be tailored to the needs of different sub regions and countries. The course curriculum comprises of core, thematic and site modules. 

Each module develops the knowledge and skills of the guide. To successfully be certified as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage specialist Guide the participant must complete units from each module.


Core Module

The core module is intended as an introduction to the programme. It includes units on what characterises a Cultural Heritage Specialist Guide, basic knowledge on World Heritage, interpreting heritage sites, providing a quality visitor experience and how to ensure the local community enjoy the benefits that tourism can bring.

The core module comprises of 6 teaching units that each focus on issues concerning tourism at UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

To aid the application of the core module materials, the units have been translated into various languages. To download the training modules, please click on the following (Funding for translation of these training resources are provided in-part by Bureau of Public Information, UNESCO Headquarters). 

Unit 1: The Cultural Heritage Specialist Guide (PDF 154 KB)
Unit 2: Understanding UNESCO World Heritage Sites (PDF 1,076 KB)
Unit 3: Protecting and Managing Cultural Heritage (PDF 540 KB)
Unit 4: Heritage Interpretation (PDF 397 KB)
Unit 5: Influencing Visitor Behaviour and Experience (PDF 1,439 KB)
Unit 6: The Cultural Heritage Guide and the Community (PDF 451 KB)  

Translated Training Materials:

English (PDF 2.85 MB)

Chinese (Traditional script) - Produced by Institute For Tourism Studies (PDF 1.63 MB)

Lao - Produced by Lao National Tourism Administration with support from the ADB Mekong Tourism Development Project (PDF 4.86 MB)

Khmer - Produced by UNESCO Bangkok and UNESCO Phnom Penh with support from Bureau of Public Information, UNESCO Headquarters (PDF 3.04 MB) 

Thai - Produced by UNESCO Bangkok with support from Bureau of Public Information, UNESCO Headquarters (PDF 2.5 MB)

Vietnamese - Produced by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism with support from the ADB Mekong Tourism Development Project (PDF 3.37 MB)

Thematic Module

Thematic modules vary between sub-regions. They explore overarching themes that deepen the guides' knowledge about specific sites and allow them to convey historic, religious, artistic and architectural linkages between regions. E.g. Living Buddhism examines the tangible expressions of Buddhism throughout Asia. 

To download samples, please click the following: 

South Asia sub-region: Living Buddhism (Produced by the Namgyal Institute of Tibetology, Sikkim) (PDF format, 82KB)
Greater Mekong sub-region: Living Buddhism (With input from Silpakorn University, Thailand and the Department of Information and Culture, Luang Prabang) (PDF format, 45KB) 

Site Specific Module

Site modules provide definitive guides to a specific awarded World Heritage sites and those on those the Tentative List. They explore the significance of sites and the conservation issues that surround them, alongside useful guidelines for site interpretation.

To download a sample index, please click the following:

Bhutan: Paro heritage site module (Produced by Department of Tourism and Royal University of Bhutan) (PDF format, 82KB)  
China: Macao SAR World Heritage site module (produced by Institute For Tourism Studies) (PDF format, 304KB)
Lao PDR: Luang Prabang World Heritage Site module (produced by Department of Information and Culture, Luang Prabang and Lao National Tourism Administration (PDF format, 89KB) 

Vat Phou World Heritage Site module (produced by  
Champassack Province Heritage Protection Committee and Lao National Tourism Administration) (PDF format, 114KB)
Viet Nam: Hoi An World Heritage Site module (produced by Hoi An Centre for Monuments Management and Preservation) (PDF format, 245KB)