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The 11th UNESCO-APEID International Conference

Reinventing Higher Education:
Toward Participatory and Sustainable Development

12-14 December 2007
Bangkok, Thailand

The 11th UNESCO-APEID International Conference "Reinventing Higher Education: Toward Participatory and Sustainable Development" was convened in Bangkok, Thailand, from 12 to 14 December 2007.

The Conference brought together representatives from governments, educational institutions, non-governmental organizations, the private sector and local communities to explore the linkages between higher education, participatory development and sustainable development.

The Conference expected to facilitate a paradigm shift in a sector that is less commonly associated with participatory development by highlighting the role of universities and other higher education institutions in balancing social inequalities and in formulating sustainable solutions with, and for, people so that they can have equal access to the benefits of a globalizing world.

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"Imagine a world in which all individuals are recognized as productive, educated citizens and as potential agents of change. Imagine a world in which universities embody democratic values, make strong connections between head, heart and hands, and recognize that their institutional goals go beyond the generation of wealth and the advancement of self-recognition."

Peter Taylor, Reuben Aggor, Debbie Bell, Peter Boothroyd, Grace Bunyi, Pirom Chantaworn. Myles Clough, Shafik Dharamsi, Margo Fryer, Jingjai Hanchanlash. Fernando Kleiman. Shelley Jones, Alice Ndide, Margot Parkes, Sheldon Shaeffer, and Juliet Tembe.

"Platform for Dialogue", drawing on the perspectives presented and explored at the International Forum on Universities and Participatory Development, Vancouver, 20-22 November 2006.