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The 4th World Teachers’ Day in Thailand and The 12th UNESCO-APEID International Conference

Quality Innovations for Teaching and Learning
24-26 March 2009

Impact Exhibition and Convention Centre, Bangkok, Thailand


Presentations and papers presented at the 12th UNESCO-APEID International Conference are now available for download. If you miss your paper/presentation, please don't hesitate to contact us.

If you believe that education is the most powerful means to change the world, then you will also agree that the people who pave the way to create such change are the teachers.

APEID-UNESCO and the Ministry of Education of Thailand organized a joint event, the 4th World Teachers' Day in Thailand and the 12th UNESCO-APEID International Conference, to honour teachers who have worked hard to educate generations of children, youth and adults but have asked little in return for their efforts. The theme, Quality Innovations for Teaching and Learning, highlighted the importance of teacher education and provide a forum for policy makers, educators, teachers, academicians and researchers to discuss, exchange information and learn from each other on how we can teach and learn - in a more innovative way - with our heads, hearts and hands to ensure a sustainable future.

A Tribute to Exemplary Teachers

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Message from Nicolas Burnett, Assistant Director General, UNESCO, Paris

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“Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.”

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