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17TH UNESCO-APEID INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, 29-30-31-October-2014 - Papers & Presentations

Day 1: 29-Oct-2014, Wednesday

Welcome Speeches

        ♦  Gwang-Jo Kim, Director, UNESCO Bangkok, Thailand   (pdf_190kb)

        ♦  Koji Tawara, First Secretary, Japanese Embassy, Bangkok, Thailand   (pdf_150kb)

        ♦  Chaiyosh Imsuwan, Inspector General, Ministry of Education, Thailand

        Introduction to Raja Roy Singh Lecture

        ♦  Gwang-Jo Kim, Director, UNESCO Bangkok, Thailand

        Raja Roy Singh Lecture

        ♦  H.E. Br. Armin Luistro FSC, Secretary, Department of Education, Philippines   (PPT_1.9mb)

        Plenary Sessions

        Plenary Session I: Roles and Responsibilities of Teachers through the Ages

        Chair: Kai-ming Cheng, Chair Professor of Education and Senior Advisor to the Vice-Chancellor, University of Hong Kong, University of Hong Kong

        ♦  The Powerhouses of Education: The Development of Scholar Teachers and Enlightened Citizenry   (PPT_2.2mb)   (News article)
            Ibrahim Ahmad Bajunid, Deputy President/Deputy Vice Chancellor, INTI-UC Laureate International Universities, Malaysia

        ♦  Women and Teaching: International Perspectives on the Feminization Debate   (PPT_250kb)
            Fatimah Kelleher, Social Development and Equalities Consultant, United Kingdom

        ♦  The Roles of Teachers in the Future: Preparing Students as Self-taught Learners   (PPT_610kb)
            Paitoon Sinlarat, Vice President for Research and Dean of College of Education Sciences, Dhurakit Pundit University and President, Teachers’ Council, Thailand

        Concurrent Session 1

        1A: Rethinking Schooling, Teaching and Learning through the Ages

        ♦  Rethinking Schooling for the 21st Century   (PPT_4mb)   (Paper_600kb)
            Peter Twining, Professor of Education (Futures), Department of Education, The Open University, United Kingdom

        ♦  From the Forest to the Clouds: The Changing Roles of Teachers through the Ages   (PPT_4mb)   (Paper_500kb)
            Balakrishnan Muniandy, Associate Professor and Deputy Director at the Centre for Instructional Technology and Multimedia, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
            Kogilavani Muniappan, School Improvement Specialist Coach, Central Malacca District Education Office, Malaysia

        ♦  Socrates and Online Teaching: Strategies, Methodologies and Modernizations   (PPT_611kb)
             Bob Barrett, Professor, School of Business, American Public University, United States of America

        1B: Pre-service Teacher Education in Cambodia, India and Myanmar

        ♦  Introducing Student-centred Approaches in Pre-service Science Teacher Education in Cambodia   (PPT_2.2mb)
            Stefaan Vande Walle, Education Advisor, Flemish Association for Development Cooperation and Technical Assistance (VVOB), South Africa
            Virak Uon, Education Advisor (Teacher Training), Flemish Association for Development Cooperation and Technical Assistance (VVOB), Cambodia
             Sokhany Nget, Education Advisor (Teacher Training), Flemish Association for Development Cooperation and Technical Assistance (VVOB), Cambodia

        ♦  Best Practices in the Pre-service Programme of Teachers to Enhance Professionalism   (PPT_1.5mb)   (Paper_220kb)
            Mariamma Mathew, Associate Professor in Education, Peet Memorial Training College, India

        ♦  Using the Gradual Release of Responsibility Framework in Pre-Service Teacher Training for Southeastern Myanmar   (PPT_2.3mb)   (Paper_870kb)
            William Gray Rinehart, Instructor/Teacher Trainer, World Education, Mon National Education Committee, Thailand
            Kristi Ley, Curriculum Consultant, World Education, Mon National Education Committee, Thailand
            Mi Pone Han, Post-10 Second Year Coordinator, Mon National Education Committee, Myanmar

        1C: Teachers in Dire Straits: Addressing Threats of Natural Disasters and Conflicts

        ♦  On Unstable Ground: The Impact of Policy Reform and Natural Disaster on Teachers' Performance in Indonesia   (PPT_1.5mb)
            Chris John Henderson, Project Leader and Consultant, Cognition Education, New Zealand

        ♦  Roles of Schools in Disaster Risk Reduction following 2011 Tohoku Disasters in Japan: DRR Education in Pre-service Teacher Training and In-service Professional Development   (PPT_3.8mb)   (Paper_545kb)
            Takashi Oda, Associate Professor, Miyagi University of Education, Japan

        ♦  Supporting Refugee and Community Teachers along the Thailand-Myanmar Border and Striving for their Recognition to Support Ongoing Peace Building Efforts  (PPT_800kb)   (Paper_540kb)
            Andrea Costa, Education Convergence Advisor, Save the Children, Thailand
            Tim Murray, Education Specialist, Save the Children, Thailand

        1D: International Teacher Task Force: Addressing the Teacher Gaps

        ♦  The Drive for Teacher Effectiveness: A Guide to Elaborate the National Teacher Policy   (PPT_430kb)
            William L. Ratteree, Yusuf Sayed and Simone Doctors, International Consultants, Teacher Task Force/UNESCO

        ♦  Inclusion and Equity in Teacher Policies and Practices
            Basu Dev Kafle, Head, Department of Special Needs/Inclusive Education, Faculty of Education, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

        ♦  Advocacy Toolkit for Teachers to Provide a Quality Education   (PPT_590kb)
            Hiromichi Katayama, Secretariat of the International Task Force on Teachers for Education for All, UNESCO

        Day 2: 30-Oct-2014, Thursday

        Concurrent Session 2

        2A: Teachers’ Competencies, Roles and Identities: Expectations Now and for the Future

        ♦  'To know', 'To Do' or 'To Be': Redefining Teachers' Role in a Learner-centered Environment   (PPT_315kb)
             K. M. Baharul Islam, Professor and Chairperson, Planning and Development, Indian Institute of Management, India

        ♦  Developing Blended Thinking Excellence for Professional Development   (PPT_1.1mb)
            Mun Fie Raymond Tsoi, Managing Director, MFR-TRAINING & CONSULTANCY, Singapore

        2B: Professional Development of Teachers: Experiences from Indonesia, Pakistan and China

        ♦  The Call for More Qualified Teachers: The Supply and Demand of Elementary Schoolteachers in Jakarta   (PPT_610kb)   (Paper_330kb)
            Amanda Putri Witdarmono, We The Teachers, Indonesia

        ♦  Developing Effective Habits in Teachers   (PPT_1.4mb)
            Abaida Mahmood, Administrator, Qurban & Surraya Educational Trust, Pakistan

        ♦  Rural School Improvement through Supporting Teachers' Professional Development – A Case Study from China   (PPT_2.2mb)
            Jing Liu, UNESCO International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education, People’s Republic of China

        2C: Teachers for the Early Years

        ♦  Fostering Quality Teaching through Systematic Assessment of Children Entering Grade One   (PPT_1.2mb)   (Paper_220kb)
            Dayalatha Lekamge, Dean, Faculty of Education, Open University of Sri Lanka
            Badra Withanage, Education for All Unit, Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka

        ♦  Coaching Strategies to Support Early Educators: A Catalyst for Improving High Quality Classroom Experiences During the Early Childhood Years   (PPT_650kb)
            Melissa J. Wilhelm, Director, Fractal Educational Systems, United States of America
            Hannah Trout, Education Coordinator, Fractal Educational Systems, United States of America

        ♦  Teacher Preparation for Identifying and Intervening Children at Risk of Developmental Disorders   (PPT_1.6mb)
            Sin Kuen Fung, Director, Centre for Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Education, The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China
            Yang Lan, Research Fellow, Centre for Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Education, The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China
            Lui Ming, Assistant Professor, Department of Education Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China

        2D: Collaborative Teaching and Learning (APEID)

        ♦  Go Green Community: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle   (PPT_463kb)
            HestyWulandari, Diponegoro I Senior High School, Indonesia
            Lilis Musyarropah, SPM LabSchool Kebayoran, Indonesia
            Leela Pradhan, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
            Rhodora I. Dela Rosa, Vilma M. Salas, Maria Francesca Coreen T. Frias, Ma. Ruby Hiyasmin M. Malicdem, Cleotilde Villanueva, Raffy Fajanela and Jonathan Carasco, Central Luzon State University, Philippines

        ♦  Developing Intercultural ebook on Asian Local and Indigenous Knowledge Systems through Telecollaboration   (PPT_3.3mb)
            Rohizani Yaakub and Norlida Ahmad, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
            Zanabazar Bayarchimeg, Mongolia State University, Mongolia
            Magnolia A. Laus, Cherry F. Malaque and Aurelio Vilbar, University of the Philippines Cebu-High School, Philippines
            Rossukhon Makaramani, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Thailand

        ♦  Technology for ALL: Nothing is Impossible   (PPT_1.1mb)
            Dianne Chambers, University of Notre Dame, Australia
            Vaibhav Jadhav, University of Pune, India
            Dipak U. Tatpuje, Satara Polytechnic and Vidyadeep Foundation, Satara, India
            M.G. Peiris, Uva National College of Education, Sri Lanka
            Shesha Kanta Pangeni, Kathmandu University, Nepal
            Horth Han, Kaneal Regional Teacher Training Centre / Kemrak University, Cambodia
            Lorna Almocera, University of the Philippines Cebu, Philippines

        Plenary Sessions

        Plenary Session II: Teacher Preparation and Professional Development

        Chair: Gwang-Jo Kim, Director, UNESCO Bangkok

        ♦  From Instruction to Inspiration: Harnessing Design Thinking in Education   (PPT_2.8mb)
            Gregory A. Perez, Design Director at IDEO Asia (China and Japan)

        ♦  More Teachers Teaching Like The Best: Shaping Teacher Quality in Australia   (PPT_2.5mb)
            Martin James, Assistant General Manager, Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL), Australia

        ♦  Developing Support System for Rural Teachers’ Continuing Professional Development   (PPT_1.7mb)
            Zhao Yuchi, Programme Specialist and Administration Officer, INRULED, China

        Concurrent Session 3

        3A: Improving Teaching Practices through School-based Reforms

        ♦  The Limits of Teacher Training: Understanding Teacher Incentive Systems   (PPT_240kb)
            David W. Chapman, Birkmaier Professor of Educational Leadership, University of Minnesota, United States of America

        ♦  From Structural Conflict to Sustainable Innovation in Schools   (PPT_1mb)   (Paper_480kb)
            Richard James Owens, Director of the Centre for Innovation in Leadership and Learning, Australian International School, Singapore

        ♦  Linking Pre-service Teacher Education and In-service Teacher Training for Effective Results in Indonesia   (PPT_315kb)   (Paper_330kb)
            Feiny Sentosa, Deputy Chief of Party, PRIORITAS, Indonesia
            Rina Arlianti, Consultant, Indonesia

        3B: Re-imagining Teacher Development in Response to Globalization

        ♦  Globalization and Social Imagination of Youth: Re-imagining Teacher Development for Future   (PPT_380kb)
            Al Karim Amir Ali Datoo, Research Co-ordinator, Institute of Ismaili Studies, United Kingdom

        ♦  Globalization, Internationalization and the Imperatives to Reform Teacher Education: A Case of Singapore   (PPT_1.7mb)
            Rita Zamzamah Nazeer-Ikeda, PhD. Candidate, Waseda University, Japan

        ♦  Teacher Attitude, Learner Schema for a Globalized but Inclusive and Sustainable World   (PPT_2.1mb)
            Paul D’Souza, Visiting Associate Professor, Pillai College of Education and Research, Mumbai University, India

        3C: Models for Teaching Science and Mathematics Effectively

        ♦  Stakeholders Collaborative Partnership in the Introduction of Lesson Study as Continuing Professional Education Exercise: The Initiative, the Implementation, and the Impact   (PPT_1.4mb)   (Paper_270kb)
            Marvin C. Casalan, University of Antique-Caluya, Antique, Philippines
            Marmon A. Pagunsan, UNESCO Jakarta, Indonesia
            Genevive G. Lim-Reyes, Local Government Unit of Caluya, Antique, Philippines
            Levi E. Elipane, University of the Philippines-Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines
            Charisse O. Joting-Quiman, University of Antique, Sibalom, Philippines

        ♦  Looking Inside the Classroom Black Box: Examining Practices, Beliefs and Knowledge of Indonesia's 8th Grade Mathematics Teachers   (PPT_1.6mb)
            Andrew Ballard Ragatz, World Bank, Indonesia

        ♦  Inquiry-based Science Teaching   (PPT_1.4mb)   (Paper_640kb)   (Book_14.3mb)
            Hans Langendam, Education Advisor and Trainer, VSO Cambodia, Cambodia

        3D: Operationalizing Inclusion in Teaching and Learning

        ♦  Mega Policy Trends and their Implications for Educational Inclusion   (PPT_250kb)
            Tamo Chattopadhay, Associate Professor, Center for Policy Research in Higher Education, National University of Education Planning and Administration, India

        ♦  International Promising Practices on Inclusive Teaching and Learning   (PPT_700kb)
            Ian Kaplan, Director, Enabling Education Network CIC, United Kingdom

        ♦  Equity, Quality and Inclusive Education: How to Monitor the Policy Process in the Post-2015 Framework?   (PPT_2.6mb)
            Kazuo Kuroda, Professor, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University, Japan

        ♦  Teacher Education: From Special Education towards Inclusive Education   (PPT_1.2mb)
            Padoong Arrayavinyoo, Professor, Faculty of Education, Suan Dusit Rajabhat University, Thailand

        ♦  Teacher Preparation for Inclusive Education   (PPT_890kb)
            Basu Dev Kafle, Professor, Faculty of Education, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

        Plenary Sessions

        Plenary Session III: Status and Working Conditions of Teachers

        Chair: Maurizio Bussi, Director, Decent Work Technical Support Team for East and South-East Asia and the Pacific, International Labour Organization, Thailand

        ♦  Delivering on the Promise of Quality Education: Attracting and Retaining the Best Teachers   (PPT_230kb)
            Dennis Sinyolo, Senior Coordinator, Education International, Belgium

        ♦  21st Century Teacher Working Conditions and Status: Lesson Learned from the Fields   (PPT_1.5mb)
            Rangsun Wiboonuppatum, Chief, Education Section, UNICEF, Thailand

        ♦  Transcending Challenges in an Era of Educational Reform: Reflections of a Filipino Teacher   (PPT_2.2mb)
            Sabrina Ongkiko, Teacher, Culiat Elementary School, Quezon City, Philippines

        Day 3: 31-Oct-2014, Friday

        Concurrent Session 4

        4A: Status of Teachers and Strategies to Retain and Motivate Effective Teachers

        ♦  The ILO/UNESCO Recommendations on Status of Teachers 50 years On!   (PPT_710kb)   (Paper_780kb)
            John C Friend-Pereira, Head of Programmes, VSO, Cambodia

        ♦  Providing Appropriate Incentives for Teacher Motivation: The Case for Inclusive Education in Vietnam   (PPT_1.3kb)   (Paper_325kb)
            Kengo Shirogane, PhD. Student, Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University, Japan

        4B: Preparing Teachers to Serve Marginalized Groups

        ♦  The Challenges of Providing Culturally Inclusive Quality Education in South Korea in an Era of Rapidly Increasing Globalization and Multicultural Diversity   (PPT_850kb)   (Paper_350kb)
            Seongdok Kim and Gerald W. Fry, University of Minnesota University of Minnesota, United States of America

        ♦  Education for People with Disability: Learnings from Inclusive Education in Lao PDR and a Longitudinal Study of Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Australia   (PPT_710kb)
            Stian Ho Yong Thoresen, Errol Cocks, Angela Fielding and Sue Gillieatt, Curtin University, Australia

        ♦  In-service Teachers Learn Better from their Students and Colleagues: Sharing Experiences of Working in the Districts of Gaya and Patna of Bihar, India   (PPT_3.3mb)
            Sanjeev Rai, National Thematic Manager-Education, Save the Children, India
            Bharti Kanubhai Chauhan, Bihar State Programme, India

        4C: Use of ICT in Teacher Education Programmes

        ♦  New Teachers' Digital Competence and Experiences of ICT in Teacher Education Programmes in Norway   (PPT_2.6mb)
            Greta Gudmundsdottir, Researcher, Department for ICT in Kindergarten and Teacher Education, Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education, Norway
            Ove Hatlevik, Department for ICT in Kindergarten and Teacher Education, Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education, Norway
            Geir Ottestad, Head of Department for ICT in Kindergarten and Teacher Education, Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education, Norway
            Lene Karin Wiberg, Senior Advisor, Department for ICT in Kindergarten and Teacher Education, Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education, Norway

        ♦  Teachers-to-be Project: Learning and Sharing Ideas to Stimulate ICT in Education   (PPT_2.7mb)   (Paper_590kb)
            Hiromi Uwabo, Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University, Japan
            Daisuke Akatsuka, Mozilla Japan
            Keiko Okawa, Keio University, Japan

        ♦  E-portfolios and Sustainable Engagement: A Necessary but Challenging Relationship   (PPT_870kb)
            Christopher Charles Deneen, Nanyang Technical University, Singapore

        4D: National Efforts towards Inclusion: The Asian Experience

        ♦  Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities: Nepal Experience   (PPT_500kb)
            Mahashram Sharma, Former Secretary, Government of Nepal

        ♦  Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities: Thailand Experience   (PPT_1.1mb)
            Samart Ratanasakorn, Chief, Curriculum and Instruction Division, Bureau of Special Education Administration, Office of the Basic Education Commission, Ministry of Education, Thailand

        ♦  Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities in Sri Lanka: Policy, Practice and Barriers   (PPT_1mb)
            Prasad Wijayakumara Sethunga, Professor, Department of Education, Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

        ♦  Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities: Viet Nam Experience   (PPT_950kb)
            Le Thi Tam, Researcher, Research Centre for Special Education, Viet Nam National Institute for Educational Sciences, Viet Nam

        ♦  Inclusive Education for Girls: Bangladesh Experience   (PPT_1.4mb)
            Rayhana Taslim, Associate Professor in Mathematics, Government Teachers’ Training College, Bangladesh

        ♦  Inclusive Education for Rural Populations: China Experience   (PPT_320kb)
            Yin Changchun, Deputy Director-General, Department of Teacher Education, Ministry of Education, China

        ♦  Inclusive Education for Children from Ethno-linguistic Minority Groups: Cambodia Experience   (PPT_620kb)
            Fata No, Lecturer of the Graduate Program in Education, Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia

        ♦  Inclusive Education for Children from Ethno-linguistic Minority Groups: Lao PDR Experience   (PPT_690kb)
            Yangxia Lee, Deputy Director-General, Department of Preschool and Primary Education, and Director, Inclusive Education Centre, Ministry of Education and Sports, Lao PDR

        ♦  Toward Inclusive Education in Mongolia   (PPT_1.1mb)
            Dandii Odregel, Lecturer, Teacher’s School, Mongolian State University of Education, Mongolia

        Plenary Sessions

        Plenary Session IV: Policies and Instruments to Enhance the Teaching Profession

        Chair: Tinsiri Siribodhi, Deputy Director, SEAMEO Secretariat, Thailand

        ♦  The Indonesian Teacher Law of 2005: Intentions, Implementation, and Impact   (PPT_600kb)
            Sheldon Shaeffer, Former Director of UNESCO Bangkok, Thailand

        ♦  How to Cultivate, Recruit Excellent Teachers and Develop Teachers' Capacities in Korea   (PPT_16mb)
            Yong Hak Lee, Director, Teacher Welfare and Training Division, Ministry of Education, Republic of Korea

        ♦  From “Teachers for EFA” to “Teachers for the World We Want”: Opportunities and Challenges for UNESCO   (PPT_510kb)
            Maki Hayashikawa, Chief of Section of Learning and Teachers, UNESCO, France

        Concurrent Session 5

        5A: Reinforcing Critical Thinking and Research-based Teaching and Learning Practices

        ♦  Academic Culture and Habit of Mind   (PPT_400kb)   (Paper_170kb)
            Muhammad Yasir Pirzada, Federal Board of Revenue and Quality Education Forum, Pakistan
            Afshan Huma, Allama Iqbal Open University, Pakistan

        ♦  Changing Paradigms in Education and Teacher Training: From the Traditional Trial and Error Teaching and Learning Model to the Alternative Model which is Research or Evidence-based (a Case for Thailand)   (PPT_1.5mb)   (Paper_1.4mb)
            Intira Sriprasidh, The English Clinic, Thailand

        5B: Assisting Teachers to Respond to Diverse and Multi-cultural Needs

        ♦  Teaching for Cultural Diversity: Australian Indigenous Perspectives in Curriculum and Workforce Quality   (PPT_2mb)   (Paper_330kb)
            Peter Buckskin, Dean, Indigenous Scholarship, Engagement and Research, University of South Australia, Australia

        ♦  Teachers' Perceptions on the Learning Difficulties of Multicultural Pupils in South Korea   (PPT_1.8mb)   (Paper_50kb)
            Hye-Won Lee, Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation, Republic of Korea

        ♦  An Innovative Pedagogy: Promoting Intangible Cultural Heritage to Reinforce Education for Sustainable Development in the Asia-Pacific Region   (PPT_5.7mb)   (Paper_140kb)
            Vanessa Achilles, Programme Officer, UNESCO Bangkok, Thailand

        5C: Professional Teacher Development: Viewpoints from Diverse Perspectives

        ♦  Considering the Development of Inclusive Teachers: Two Case Studies from Thailand and Lao PDR   (PPT_6mb)
            Dr. Peter Grimes, Canterbury Christ Church University, United Kingdom

        ♦  Professional Development of Physical Education and Sports Teachers: The Singapore Way   (PPT_970kb)
            Hanif Abdul Rahman, Master Teacher, MOE/PESTA, Singapore
            Mabel Yong Chooi Cheng, Lead Teacher, MOE/PESTA, Singapore
            Benjamin Tan Su-Jim, Master Teacher, MOE/PESTA, Singapore

        ♦  Industry-led Teacher Training in the Philippine IT Sector   (PPT_470kb)   (Paper_320kb)   (Website & Video)  
            Robert S. Keitel, Associate Professor, Asian Institute of Management, Philippines
            Melissa Dorothy Ledesma, Senior Researcher, Asian Institute of Management, Philippines

        5D: Preparing for the World of Work: The Role of the Teachers

        ♦  Integrating CSR and Lean Teaching for Becoming a Social Responsible Teacher   (PPT_1mb)   (Paper_560kb)
            Shirley M. C. Yeung, Assistant Professor/Quality Assurance Director, Hang Seng Management College, Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China

        ♦  The Impact of Blended Teaching Approach in Developing the Cognitive Learning Competencies of the Miriam College High School Students in Business and Trades: An Analysis   (PPT_990kb)   (Paper_620kb)
            Glenda Remolano Villanueva, Department Chairperson, Business and Trades, Miriam College, Philippines

        ♦  Mind the Gap: A Case Study on Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Practices Operationalized through Innovative Curricula, Pedagogies, Technologies and Tools as Elements of an Enhanced Teaching Profession   (PPT_2.7mb)
            Zen Parry, RMIT University, Australia
            Craig Baird, Curtin Business School, Research and Development, Curtin University, Australia

        Wrap up of Conference

        ♦  Libing Wang, APEID Coordinator, UNESCO Bangkok, Thailand   (pdf_100kb)

        Vote of Thanks and Closing Remarks

        ♦ Gwang-Jo Kim, Director, UNESCO Bangkok, Thailand