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Directory of HIV/AIDS Databases

CORE Initiative Online Resources

These CORE Initiative online resources are collected from organizations working in HIV/AIDS around the world. It compiles a collection of training manuals, curricula, tool kits, guidelines, bibliographies. It also offers a link to a health communication materials database. The CORE Initiative is a USAID-funded global program to support an inspired, effective, and inclusive response to the causes and consequences of HIV/AIDS by strengthening the capacity of community and faith-based groups in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean.



Aiming to share the best in development, policy, practice and research, ELDIS currently includes descriptions and links to over 4,500 organisations and over 16,000 full-text online documents covering development and environmental issues. It can be searched or browsed free over the Internet. ELDIS is funded by DFID, Sida, SDC and NORAD, and hosted by the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex, UK.

HIV/AIDS Survey Indicators Database

The database provides an easily accessible and comprehensive source of information on HIV/AIDS indicators derived from sample surveys. The database allows users to produce tables for specific countries by selecting background characteristics as well as country reports. Currently, the main sources of HIV/AIDS indicators in the database are Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS), Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICS), Reproductive Health Surveys (RHS), Sexual Behavior Surveys (SBS), Behavioral Surveillance Surveys (BSS.The database is designed to be global in scope, eventually covering all countries for which indicators are available. The database is overseen by a technical advisory committee that includes representatives from USAID, UNICEF, CDC, UNAIDS, WHO, US Census Bureau, Family Health International, MEASURE Evaluation, the Synergy Project, and MEASURE DHS+ (the implementing organization). There are 178 surveys available in the database.



HIV/AIDS Policy Compendium Database  

The Compendium is a database of policy statements taken from national policies and international resolutions. The statements are organized in a database that can be searched by keyword and by country. The Compendium is intended to help those involved in drafting new policies by providing examples of how other policies deal with specific issues. This database and website were developed by the USAID – funded POLICY project, as part of its HIV/AIDS policy component. The database contains over 3,400 annotated citations from policy papers from over 50 countries.




Siyanda is an on-line database of gender and development materials. It is also an interactive space where gender practitioners can share ideas, experiences and resources. Siyanda is hosted by BRIDGE - the Gender and Development Information Service located at the Institute of Development Studies, United Kingdom. Many materials related to HIV/AIDS prevention are included in the database.



Global Curriculum for HIV/AIDS Preventive Education
This Global Curriculum Bank for HIV/AIDS Preventive Education is a bibliographic database of international curriculum materials and related documentation for HIV/AIDS education based on good practices and aimed at primary and secondary levels of schooling. Materials handled by the Global Curriculum Bank include: Curriculum documents (frameworks, plans, sillabi) for use in schools and teacher training institutes; Teaching materials and teaching aids (including a range of media formats); Studies and research related to curriculum development, implementation and evaluation; and descriptions/case studies of good practice of HIV/AIDS curriculum related material.



UNAIDS/WHO Global HIV/AIDS Online Database

The UNAIDS/WHO Global HIV/AIDS Online Database collectes the most recent country-specific data on the spread and impact of the virus, together with information on risk behaviours (e.g. casual sex and condom use). Health sector response information (eg. data on people receiving treatment and coverage of hiv counselling and testing) is also an essential part of this database.



SMARTWork IEC/BCC Materials Database
SMARTWork has a growing collection of IEC/BCC materials (information, education, and communication, or behavior change communication that address HIV prevention, stigma and discrimination, and other workplace-related topics, available in a searchable database. The database can be searched by keywords, document type, country, language, audience.



The UNESCO Bangkok HIV/AIDS Educational Materials Database
The database gives you access to educational materials on HIV/AIDS/STDs used either in the formal or non-formal sectors, mainly produced in Asia/Pacific region. Educational materials included in the database cover learning materials, resource/reading materials, training materials, and support audio-visual materials. This database can be searched either through basic search or advanced search. The advanced search will enable you to search by type of materials; target audiences; objectives; educational levels; introduction methods; and methodologies.



The UNESCO Bangkok HIV/AIDS Database
The HIV/AIDS database consists of bibliographic references HIV/AIDS. The bibliographic database consists now of a total of 2000 records on general HIV/AIDS. Books, project reports, articles and other relevant information on general HIV/AIDS are continuously collected for input to the bibliographic database. The bibliographic database can be searched by author, title, keyword, country and date of publication.