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Regional Unit for Social and Human Sciences in Asia and the Pacific

Mission statement:
 In an era of rapid globalization, UNESCO's Regional Unit for Social and Human Science in the Asia-Pacific (RUSHSAP) aims to develop and promote social policies which uphold peace, human rights, democratic governance and tolerance. To achieve this goal, social policy activities must provide opportunities and empowerment for all, particularly during this period of major social, political, economic and cultural change. The overall objective is to create a grass-roots, mass movement throughout the Asia-Pacific region which shares this aim and helps bring it to fulfilment. 

RUSHSAP's mission and programmes reflect all aspects of social concern, including poverty alleviation, migration, management of water resources, governance, youth, dissemination of information, the ethics of science and technology, bioethics, human security, and research and training. 

Activities: RUSHSAP's activities include ethics and climate change, museum displays for ethics education, bioethicsethics of science and technology and associated teaching materialsphilosophy, social sciences, gender studies, and more. Please read the linked pages and use the resources.

Please lick here to learn more about RUSHSAP's most recent work, thematic areas of activities and opportunities for partnership [pdf].

A list of presentations from the Regional Advisor for Social and Human Sciences is available (pdf file), as well as a list of his published papers

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background of social and human sciences in Asia-Pacific
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Programme Summary: The detailed 2008/2009 programme summary of UNESCO Social and Human Sciences in Asia and the Pacific is available here.

Bandung Declaration of the International Conference of the Coalition of Cities Against Discrimination (pdf file)