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Energy Flow, Environment & the Ethical Implications of Aquatic Meat Production

Call for contributions for the second report of ECCAP1 Working Group 13: Energy Flow, Environment & the Ethical Implications of Aquatic Meat Production which will examine similar issues from the expanding use of aquaculture. Submissions of case studies from different communities are requested, along with general contributions to the relevant sections.

Updated Outline of the second report of ECCAP Working Group 13 is available for download [PDF], comments and contributions are welcome.

The following is a list of current working group participants:

Dr. Rob Kanaly: rkanaly[at]
Ms. Lea Ivy Manzanero: leaivymanzanero[at]
Dr. Darryl Macer: d.macer[at]
Mr. Gerard Foley: gerard.foley[at]
Dr. Bagarinao Teodora U.: dorisb[at] 
Michael Syson: m.syson[at]
Matthew Cua: matthewcua[at]
Gregory Tangonan: tangonan[at]
Nat Libatique: nlibatique[a]
Paul Cabacungan: pcabacungan[a]
Doms" Solpico: 4.0.gigadertz[a]
Chrisandro Favila: chris_favila[a] 


If interested in joining the working group, or participating in a meeting, please send an email to: and   


This page was last updated on 8 May 2012