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Repository of Ethical Worldviews


Are there worldviews inherent in philosophical and religious traditions of the Asia Pacific that shape ethical relationships with the natural world? Are these anthropocentric, biocentric, ecocentric or cosmocentric worldviews? How do our worldviews allocate value and meaning to people, plants, animals and the biosphere? What are the relationships between such worldviews and actual decisions made by policymakers or the daily lives of the people they represent? This repository of ethical world views of nature will eventually include hundreds of entries in an open source format to allow all those of interest, be they philosophers, students, policy makers or those who want to understand others, to consider their world view.


Outline of the report and call for contributions [pdf-260KB] 

The following entries are open for comment, and are examples of the types of entry we encourage from every group in the world. Please email your entries to

  • Ancient  Green  Wisdom:  How  the  indigenous  peoples  of  southwestern  Yunnan  and their ancient tea trees continue the way in sustainability by Jeff Fuchs, Explorer-Author 

The following is a list of current working group participants:

Dr. Jasdev Rai (Chair of the project): jsrai100[at]
Dr. Alireza Bagheri: ali.bagherichimeh[at]
Mr. Andrew Bosworth: a.bosworth[at] 
Professor D. Nesy: nesy.daniel[at]
Dr. Arthur Saniotis: saniotis[at] 
Dr. Ayoub Abu-Dayyeh: e_casesociety[at]
Dr. Darryl Macer: d.macer[at] 

Dr. Luca Scarantino: scaranti[at]

Ms. Suvi Moilanen: suvimo[at]

Ms. Shan Ni: vency2233[at]
Dr. Engelbert C. Pasag: engelmo[at]
Ms. Kayo Uejima: kayo[at]
Professor On-Kwok Lai: oklai[at]
Mr. Marlone M. Araneta: enolram[at]
Mr Marco Antonio Zamboni Zalamena: zambonizalamena[at]
Dr. Minakshi Bhardwaj: bhardwajm[at] 
Dr Mohd Hazim Murad: drhazim[at] 
Mr. Nat Tuivavalagi: nat.tuivavalagi[at] 
Ms. Napat Chaipraditkul: napat[at]
Dr. Sultan Ismail: sultanismail[at]

Dr. Hassan Kaya: Kaya [at]
Dr. Tamara Kudaibergenova: ahtamar[at]
Dr. Sailau Suaalii-Sauni: s.suaalii[at]
Professor Shui Chuen Lee: shuiclee[at]
Dr. Siti Nor: sitinuraninor[at]
Professor Sivanandam Panneerselvam: sps[at]  
Ph.D. Philipp P. Thapa: thapa[at]
Richa Singh: singhricha384[at] 
Mr. Alexandre Herbetta: alexandre_herbetta[at] 
Dr. Bruce Albert: brucesergealbert[at] 

Mr. Jeff fuchs: vandor81[at]

Ms. Eglee Zent: egleelzent[at]
Ms. Eliane Camargo: camargo[at]
Ms. Fabiana Maizza: fabimaizza[at]
Mr. Gilton Mendes/Mr. Joao Paulo Tukano: giltonmendes[at]
Ms. BunRong Kouy: bunrong.k[at]


This project is conducted in collaboration with the SIkh Human Rights Group, UK; the International Council for Philosophy and Humanistic Studies; and a number of universities around the world. Follow the links to other philosophical dialogues of UNESCO Bangkok and teaching of philosophy.

Among the conferences held in this project, the Joint UNESCO-University of Pune Conference in October 2012 saw about 40 scholars present a wide range of Indian and Asian traditions.  A Conference to explore African philosophies and world views will be held in May 2013 in Durban, South Africa. The dates for meetings in Latin America and Asia for 2013 are to be informed when available.

If interested in joining the working group, or participating in a meeting, please send an email to:

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