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Community Engagement


How can we engage communities in the decision-making process? Are communities being given a chance to articulate their environmental values? Do communities have adequate access to information about energy technologies and their risks and benefits? What is the role of education in assisting communities to make decisions about their future? Are women and young people being engaged? What are the appropriate stages of an energy project for community consultation? Is there a trade-off between adequate consultation time and expedient implementation of a project? How can we develop the ‘not in my backyard’ view when it comes to large-scale energy infrastructure? How can community engagement reflect the emerging paradigm shift from principles of paternalism through those of  informed consent to informed choice?

Preliminary draft report is available for download and comments [pdf file], updated on 1 August 2009.

A Meeting of the Working Group was held on 16-18 June 2009, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The following is a list of current working group participants:

Professor On-Kwok Lai (interim chair): oklai[at]
Dr. Anant Bhan: anantbhan[at]
Dr. Anisah Che Ngah: anisah[at]
Dr. John Fien: john.fien[at]
Dr. Sultan Ismail: sultanismail[at]
Dr. Darryl Macer: d.macer[at]
Dr. Anisah Che Ngah: anisah[at] 
Dr. Siti Nor: sitinuraninor[at]
Dr. Michael Anjello Jothi Rajan: anjellojothi[at]
Dr. Susan Vize: s.vize[at]
Mr. Ruiyang Xiong: ruiyxiong[at]
Mr. Ruisi: xuefeiyang1001[at]
Chen Li-Yu: chenly99[at]
Chen Chie-Peng: chiepeng[at]

If you are interested in joining the working group, or participating in a meeting, please send an email to:


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