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Adoption and Development of Energy Technologies


This review of energy alternatives for local and national scale projects will focus on the ethical implications inherent in different research options for energy production and delivery. It will include development of innovation in new science and translational research, diffusion of technology, and energy diversity. It will also consider global networking and IT. It will apply an ethical matrix to analyze points of different alternative energy technologies, with case studies. Under this Working Group a series of indepth case studies on selected technologies will be prepared.  

Meetings of the Working group were held: 12 June 2008, Bangkok, Thailand [Meeting Report (pdf)]; 16-19 June 2009, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and 25 August 2009, Bangkok, Thailand. 

Outline of the draft report for WG-9 [PDF file] and The Report on Adoption and Development of Algae as a Biofuel Feedstock [PDF file] are available for download and comments. We welcome more case studies.

The following is a list of current working group participants:

Dr. Sumittra  Charojrochkul (co-chair): sumittrc[at]
Ms. Lindsay McGraw (co-chair): lindsay.mcgraw[at]
Dr. Nares Damrongchai: nares[at]
Mr. Madhav D. Gholkar: madhav.gholkar[at]
Mr. W Calvin Ho: etus16[at]
Ms. Sujinna Karnasuta: sujinna[at]
Dr. Darryl Macer: d.macer[at]
Dr. Masami Nakata: m.nakata[at]
Dr. Evangeline Joy Ramos: evangeline_joy.ramos[at]
Dr. Idris F. Sulaiman: idris[at]
Dr. Greg Tegart: gregtegart1[at]
Ms. Mika Tomczak: tomczak[at]

If you are interested in joining the working group, or participating in a meeting, please send an email to:



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