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Visions and Hopes for the Future

Outline of the draft report for WG-3 is available for download [pdf file], comments and contributions are welcome.

A meeting of the Working Group was held on 20 June 2009, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The following is a list of current working group participants:

Dr. Michael Anjello Jothi Rajan (co-chair): anjellojothi[at]
Dr. Vincent Savariar (co-chair): svincent_loyola[at]
Ms. Kayo Uejima (co-chair): kayo[at]
Dr. Arockiam Thaddeus: arockiamt[at]
Dr. Darryl Macer: d.macer[at]
Dr. DeMar Taylor: taylor[at]
Mr. Dhakal Arjun: arjun[at] 
Dr. M.George Joseph: jores[at]
Dr. Gregor Wolbring, Asst. Professor: gwolbrin[at]
Dr. M.Lellis Thivagar: mlthivagar[at]
Mr. T. Mathavan, Asst. Professor: tjmathavan[at]
Mr. K.Mohan Sanjeevan: nicelyyours[at]
Dr. Mohd Hazim Murad: drhazim[at]
Professor D. Nesy: nesy.daniel[at]
Professor Panneerselvam Sivanandam: sps[at] 
Dr. Sen Salil: salil.sen[at]
Mr. Sheng Tan Kha: tanks[at]
Dr. Vize Susan: s.vize[at] 


If interested in joining the working group, or participating in a meeting, please send an email to: and


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