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COMEST Sixth Ordinary Session and Satellite Conferences

At the kind invitation of the Government of Malaysia, the sixth ordinary session of the World Commission of the Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology (COMEST) was held in Kuala Lumpur, from 16 to 19 June 2009. It focused mainly on science ethics, and on the ethical implications of climate change.

A summary of the COMEST recommendations is here. A summary of the Youth Forum activities and recommendations are here

Please find the overview programme for all events, and the detailed agendas for COMEST and Satellite programmes (pdf files). The sessions were open to the public, as were the satellite conferences with ISTIC on 15th and with UKM on 19th June. 

General information for arrival in Malaysia and the conference is here (pdf file), including a form to submit for hotel reservations to the venue Hotel Eastin, Petaling Jaya.

COMEST is an advisory body and forum of reflection composed of 18 independent experts. The Commission is mandated to formulate ethical principles that could provide decision-makers with criteria other than purely economic. 

Discussions focused mainly on the two COMEST reports foreseen for 2009: on science ethics, and on the ethical implications of climate change (Draft report, and other documents are below as pdf files). Discussions will also be scheduled on environmental ethics, with particular reference to teaching, and on the ethical issues of nanotechnologies. 

The session was an excellent opportunity to extend discussions through the UNESCO Asia-Pacific School of Ethics and gathered experts from around the globe on the ethical issues concerning science and technology in Asia and the Pacific, enlarge the framework of the debate, and reinforce future activities throughout the region and beyond. 

A Youth Forum on the ethical and social responsibilities of scientists in Asia will also be integrated into the program, with a view to involving young researchers and representatives of youth organizations in the work of COMEST and UNESCO. There is background for the youth forum here.

There was also be meetings with many of the chairs of the working groups under the Ethics of Energy Technologies in Asia and the Pacific Project

There is no registration fee for any of these events. However, as is customary, the travel and living expenses of observers will be borne by them or by the Organization they represent. 

The registration form.

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                    Documents for COMEST session in Malaysia include:

                    Draft report of the ethical implications of global climate change

                    Draft of the science ethics report

                    Ethics of Nanotechnology status review

                    COMEST's activity report

                    Environmental ethics teaching background document


                    Abstracts for COMEST and Satellites


                    Last Updated: 9 September, 2009