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About the Network

Promoting gender equality is an important application of the principles of human rights as promulgated by the United Nations and its various agencies.  Encouraging and supporting Women’s/Gender Studies (WS/GS) is one way UNESCO seeks to promote gender equality.

In light of this responsibility, RUSHSAP convened a meeting to, first, get some idea of the history and current state of WS/GS in the region, and, secondly, to gather recommendations as to how UNESCO might help facilitate more progress being made on this crucial cross-cutting theme.

The Regional Consultation on Women's/Gender Studies Programmes in the Asia-Pacific Region was held in Bangkok in December 2003.  The consultation brought together expert proponents and practitioners of WS/GS, some of whom have played pivotal and pioneering roles in the establishment of Women's/Gender Studies in their own countries and/or institutions.  In all, the gathering of representatives from institutions in 17 countries in the region participated in the meeting.  Since then, RUSHSAP has also produced a publication titled Women's/Gender Studies in Asia-Pacific containing the papers presented during the consultation meeting.

An important recommendation to emerge from the 2003 Workshop on Women's/Gender Studies in Asia-Pacific, organized by UNESCO Bangkok, is the creation of a Women's/Gender Studies Network in Asia-Pacific. The recommendation further outlined that this network is to have a website as its base which will seek to facilitate communication and cooperation among institutions of WS/GS throughout Asia and the Pacific.

It is hoped that this web-based component of the network will help provide the kind of assistance clearly needed for the revival and proliferation of WS/GS in the region.