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In South Australia , while WS/GS programmes exist in all three state universities, the only WS department in the state is located at Flinders University . At Flinders, Women's Studies became a unit in the School of Social Sciences in 1986, where it established its first undergraduate major, categorizing it as a distinct academic discipline. Women's Studies became a full-fledged interdisciplinary department in 1999 and has since maintained cross-departmental and cross-faculty cooperation in its teaching programme and supervision of master's and doctoral students.

In 1998, Women's Studies began offering a specialist Diploma programme on Gender & Development, attracting fee-paying local students, as well as international students principally from the Asia-Pacific region. Despite continuing university cuts and only a few full time staff, much of the department's sustainability has rested on the support of students who continue to see the importance of its existence and who have fought to sustain it against growing odds. In the Australian National University , the Women's Studies Centre, which has been around since 1976, has been shifted from an autonomous centre to becoming part of the School of Humanities due in large part to structural changes and a funding crisis in 1999.

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