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Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, the Gender Studies Programme of the Chinese University of Hong Kong is the only one of its kind in tertiary and post-graduate education in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). As an inter-faculty programme established in 1997, the Gender Studies Programme is housed administratively in the Department of Anthropology. Similar to the Malaysian situation, it relies heavily on full-time academics from 21 university departments to contribute to the multi-disciplinary teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and supervision of MPhil and PhD students. Their contribution, however, does not count as part of their normal workload. In other universities, efforts to establish WS/GS have failed and have at best, resulted in the teaching of elective courses (if approved) or general education courses, subject still to the number or specified quota of enrollments. Despite increasing student demand and faculty interest, the development of WS/GS in tertiary education in the HKSAR is still very limited.

In a recent meeting at the Association for Advancement of Feminism in 2003, scholars from five Hong Kong universities identified two major problems in the development of WS/GS in Hong Kong: (i) institutional constraints which define WS/GS as peripheral and not part of the core curriculum and (ii) a market orientation which measures the value of the courses by student enrolment.

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