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UNESCO Bangkok Publications

• Women's/Gender Studies in Asia-Pacific. 2004, 376p.

UNESCO Jakarta Publications

• Comparative Study on Gender Dimension of Policies Related to the Development and Application of Science and Technology for Sustainable Development. 2004, 60p. 
• Guidelines for Gender Mainstreaming in Science and Technology. 2004, 20p.
• Gender, Science and Technology: An Asia & Pacific Gender Mainstreaming Training Nanual. 2003, 111p.

UNESCO Delhi Publications

• Handbook on Right to Education for Children with Disabilities. 2007, 107p.
• Literacy for Healthy Childhood and Adolescence. 2007, 35p.
• Literacy for Safe Motherhood. 2007, 23p.
• Literacy for Enhancing Life Skills. 2007, 24p.
• Literacy for Harmonious Living. 2007, 23p.
• Literacy for Economic Empowerment and Responsible Citizenship. 2007, 31p.

• Education, Gender and Empowerment: Perspectives from South Asia. 2007, 157p.
• Lesson to Learn: Emerging Common Principles for Promoting Girls’ Education in South Asia. 2007, 42p.
• Gender Watch: A Framework for Monitoring Progress Towards Gender Parity and Equality in Education. 2007, 43p.