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13th Asian Bioethics Conference, 27-30 August 2012, Malaysia

Bioethics and Life: Security, Science and Society

The annual conference of the Asian Bioethics Association (ABA) was hosted in Malaysia from 27 to 30 August 2012. This 13th Asian Bioethics Conference brought together scholars and policy makers from many disciplines all around the world to discuss and deliberate on the theme Bioethics and Life: Security, Science and Society. Paper presentation and participation were welcomed from academics, scholars, policy makers, students and enthusiasts in the various disciplines. 

Abstract book is on-line.

Organizers: Asian Bioethics Association and Asia Pacific Forum on Ethics & Social Justice (Malaysia) in partnership with UNESCO, the Institute of Diplomacy & Foreign Relations (Malaysia), the Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities (UKM), Institute of Malaysian and International Studies and the Eubios Ethics Institute.


Past annual conference proceedings and abstracts (1995 - 2011).

The Conference Flyer (PDF)