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Working Group 2: Philosophy Facing the Challenges of Modern Technology

This is the webpage for working group 2 of the Asia-Arab Inter-regional Philosophical Dialogues coordinated by RUSHSAP, UNESCO Bangkok.

The general introduction to the UNESCO Inter-regional Philosophical Dialogues is here.

This group will look at philosophy contribution to the potential challenges of modern technology.

Timeframe and report outline: being developed [will be posted for discussion when available].

The following is a list of current working group participants:
Dr. Jayapaul Azariah:
Dr. Manal M. Bouhaimed:;
Dr. In-Suk Cha:
Dr. Surjeet Kaur Chahal:
Dr. Ayoub Abu-Dayyeh:
Dr. Daphne Furtado:
Mr. S.M. Haldhar:
Mr. Glen Kurokawa:
Dr. On-Kwok Lai:
Dr. Darryl Macer:
Dr. Masahiro Morioka:;
Dr. Amru Hydari Nazif:
Ms. Souria Saad-Zoy:
Dr. Anthony Savari raj:
Dr. Sarinya Sophia:
Dr. Takao Takahashi:
Dr. Celia Aurora T. Torres-Villanueva:;
Dr. Nguyen Hoang Tri:;
Dr. Daniel Fu-Chang Tsai:
Ms. Kayo Uejima:
Dr. John Weckert:
Dr. Feruza Zagirtdinova:
Dr. Xinqing Zhang:

More members are welcome. All inquiries to: rushsap.bgk [at]

Previous meetings of this working group are found on the Dialogues page.

4 August 2008: Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

* Programme (pdf file) * Report (English, pdf file)

17-18 November 2006: Rabat, Morocco
* Report (English, pdf file)

Previous meetings of other working groups:

6-7 August 2008: The Asia-Pacific Philosophy Education Network for Democracy (APPEND), Project on Education for Democracy and Sustainable Development in Ewha Women’s University, Seoul, Korea

5 August 2008: UNESCO Asia-Arab Interregional Philosophical Dialogues on Challenges of Globalization to Philosophy and Democracy in Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea * Report (English, pdf file)

26 July 2008: Joint UNESCO-UNITAR Dialogues on the Role of Philosophers in War and Peace in UNITAR, Hiroshima, Japan

25 July 2008: UNESCO Asia-Arab Interregional Philosophical Dialogues on the Roles of Philosophy in War and Peace in UNITAR, Hiroshima, Japan
* Report (English, pfd file

An email listserve has also been established and that listserve is open for all to join:

If interested in joining the working group, or participating in a meeting, please send an email to:

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