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International Conference of the Coalition of Cities on Social Inclusion: Good Policies and Good Practices for Disabled people in Asia and the Pacific

Auckland Declaration


The Coalition of Cities Against Discrimination in Asia and the Pacific was founded in 2006 and includes a variety of local governments such as municipalities, cities and provinces.

The members of the Coalition reaffirm our commitment to the Ten Point Action Plan that aims to reduce and eliminate racism and discrimination based on our common values and principles reaffirmed during the Auckland conference.

We agree that our goals can be achieved through the development and on-going assessment of practical plans and actions at all levels of governance with urban and rural communities;

We, the members of the Coalition which includes all local government units will build an international community to promote social inclusion that shall inspire and mobilize all citizens to work together with all stakeholders in implementing concrete plans aided by responsive and effective policies to implement the Ten Point Action Plan;

We the members of the Coalition will work together to develop and share new tools, resources, expertise and exchange experiences that will support us in our work against all forms of discriminations;

We will develop a system of tracking progress of our collective work and measure and evaluate performance and impact at the country, regional, and global levels. We may also be able to measure community level success by identifying clearly our indicators and the means to measure;

The members of the Coalition will hold its next regional conference of Cities against Discrimination, in Thailand in 2016. At that time members are encouraged to share their follow up to this declaration to the practical implementation of the Ten Point Action Plan through providing good practices and policies;

A website for the Coalition of Cities against Discrimination in Asia and the Pacific will be established as an avenue in sharing good practices across borders and oceans;

The members present at the conference, reflecting the composition of the Asia Pacific Coalition, recommended to UNESCO to consult with other regional coalition of cities to include all forms of local governments as members of the Coalition, ranging in size from village, municipalities, cities, to provinces;

We the members of the Coalition declare commitment to work as a regional Coalition to evaluate better practical measures to promote and protect human rights, and to promote respect of the integrity and dignity of all people including persons living with disabilities. 



Agreed on this day, 19th of March, 2015, Valentines Manukau, Auckland, New Zealand.