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The International Conference of the Coalition of Cities against Discrimination

Bandung Declaration

The members of the Coalition of Cities commit themselves to the ideals of the conference which is called the Spirit of Bandung Two.

The members endorse the UNESCO ten point action plan, and commit themselves to practical plans and actions including:

The members will effect a mass movement through implementing concrete commitments through local regulations;

The Coalition of Cities against Discrimination in Asia and the Pacific will hold a regional follow-up meeting once a year (in Bandung or rotating around the region);

The Bandung provincial government will host a website for the Coalition of Cities against Discrimination to share good practices. The members commit themselves to share good practices and lessons learned;

The members will broaden the membership of the Coalition to include NGOs, academics and experts working together to achieve the goals;

The members will adopt broader definitions of discrimination, including all elements that will promote an inclusive society;

The members commit themselves to protection of cultural diversity;

The members will adopt broad definitions of the “city” to encourage better rural and urban management to protect the dignity of all persons;

The members agreed to work as a regional Coalition to evaluate better practical measures to protect human rights, and to promote respect of the integrity and dignity, of persons living outside of their home community, especially migrant workers;

The regional Coalition meetings will always be open to participation of members from other regions in the global Coalition.

30 October 2009