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How to join the Coalition of Cities against Discrimination in Asia and the Pacific

The procedure involves two stages in order to take into account the requirements of the decision-making processes of the various municipalities:

STEP 1) Signing of a Statement of Intent conveying the strong interest of the municipality for membership in the Coalition and its Ten-Point Commitment;

STEP 2) Signing of an Act of Accession and Commitment by which the municipality agrees to fully adhere to the Coalition and its Ten-Point Commitment. The municipality thus agrees to implement this Commitment by incorporating it into municipal policies and strategies according to its own needs, priorities and capacities as well as allocating appropriate resources, and submits to the Administrative Secretariat its specific plan of implementation.


The Ten-Point Commitment, adopted on 4 August 2006 in Bangkok, remains open for signature by Asian and Pacific cities wishing to join the Coalition of Cities on the basis of these Commitments.

The signatory cities undertake to integrate within their strategies and action programmes the Commitment, and, by doing so, agree to commit to it the human, financial and material resources required for its effective implementation.

The actions proposed in the present Commitment are feasible examples that cities can use as a source of inspiration. Each city authority is free either to choose the actions it judges most relevant or most urgent from these examples, or to define other actions according to their past and on-going policies. If there are other on-going or foreseen actions/ activities other than these examples, cities are invited to communicate them to the Secretariat, to be shared with other members through the network. Each city is encouraged to implement at least one action as soon as possible in respect of each of the Commitments. City authorities that have already implemented, or are currently implementing, some of the proposed actions are invited to enhance or supplement them through further actions from the Commitment.