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Ten-point action plan for Asia-Pacific

Through a series of consultations, a Ten-Point Commitment relevant to Asia and the Pacific has been elaborated, composed of 10 commitments covering different areas of competence of local authorities such as education, culture, housing and employment. The signatories commit themselves to using their full range of political power to counteract discrimination and exclusion through the implementation of the Ten-Point  Action Plan for Asia and the Pacific:

1. Assessing Racism and Discrimination and Monitoring Municipal Policies [pdf file 136 KB]

2. Providing Political Leadership at the City and Community Levels to Address Issues of Discrimination and Exclusion [pdf file 81 KB]

3. Promoting an Inclusive Society [pdf 81 KB]

4. Strengthening Support for the Victims of Racism and Discrimination [pdf file 81 KB]

5. Facilitating Greater Participation and the Empowerment of City Dwellers through Access to Information [pdf file 140 KB] 

6. Promoting the City as an Equal Opportunities Employer and Service Provider [pdf file 82 KB]

7. Promoting the City as an Active Supporter of Equal Opportunity Practices [pdf file 82 KB]

8. Challenging Racism and Discrimination through Education [pdf file 125 KB]

9. Promoting Cultural Diversity [pdf file 82 KB]

10. Preventing and Overcoming Racist Incitement and Related Violence [pdf file 91 KB]


Each signatory will be responsible for establishing, coordinating and/or implementing the local policies against racism and discrimination. This will be based, in particular, on a consultation process with those subjected to racism and discrimination as well as in close collaboration with actors of civil society (NGOs, academics, associations, etc.).