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Human Rights and Sustainable Development

Activities in Promotion of human rights and the fight against discrimination


Please refer to the Coalition of Cities Against Discrimination


The protection and promotion of human rights, peace and democratic principles is of vital concern to RUSHSAP. The tools of advocacy, awareness raising and knowledge sharing are all being used to meet this goal. We work closely with governments, regional bodies, non-government organizations and professional groups to monitor and promote the application of global human rights instruments and standards. We encourage research into human rights issues and the dissemination of information in this area. RUSHSAP’s knowledge and resources are also dedicated to the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination

In this period of rapid globalization, RUSHSAP is working to identify new trends and obstacles, including changing patterns of social relations, which affect the full enjoyment of human rights. RUSHSAP recognizes the link between human rights and complex issues such as climate change, food and water security, poverty, HIV/AIDS and the impact of abrupt social transformations. This demands innovative and interdisciplinary approaches from the social and human sciences. Special attention is being paid to the training of professionals in the field of human rights. Reflection on all aspects of emerging human rights, such as the right to a clean and healthy environment, the rights of the intellectual community and of women, along with cultural and economic rights, is being encouraged.

RUSHSAP aims to establish and strengthen integrated regional and sub-regional approaches to promote peace, and enhance traditional and innovative conflict prevention practices. We support democratic participation and the promotion and exploration of the links between human rights and human security.


Past meetings included:

Regional Consultation on Human Rights of Women, Gender Equality and Development, 28-29 November, 2002, Bangkok (RUSHSAP).

Regional Consultation on Human Rights, 2-3 December 2002, Bangkok, (RUSHSAP). Follow-up to the World Conference against Racism held in Durban. Follow-up meeting held in Osaka, Japan, 4-5 June, 2003.

Integrated human rights education into teacher training programmes, and training with government officials in public and private sectors, 2002-2004. Workshop on Promotion of Human Rights Protection and Development held with the Subcommission on Human Rights Education of the Office of the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand, with 150 participants from police and military, 20 November, 2003.


RUSHSAP published a book in 2003, Human Rights, a compendium of Human Rights provisions in the Constitutions of UNESCO’s Member States in the Asia and Pacific Region.

 RUSHSAP published a book, Women/Gender Studies in Asia-Pacific, as an outcome of a Regional Consultation on Women’s/Gender Studies Programmes in the Asia-Pacific region, 1-3 December, 2003.  There were 28 participants from 18 countries. RUSHSAP launched a network.  The purpose is to provide a dissemination point for information concerning W/G Studies in Asia Pacific.  It is also to serve the professional needs of the network members.

The Women/Gender Studies network also met in 2009 in Bangkok, with 50 participants from nearly 30 countries.


A variety of work has been conducted, for example, RUSHSAP, in collaboration with UNESCO Apia, sponsored initial bilateral negotiations between representatives of the Asia Pacific Forum (APF) and the Government of the Solomon Islands and other stakeholders concerned with the establishment of a National Commission for Human Rights.  RUSHSAP participated with observer status. 



Last Updated: 2 November 2010