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RUSHSAP has been coordinating a project aimed at the prevention of HIV/AIDS among ethnic minorities of the Upper Mekong Region. This project was implemented in selected communities in southern China, northern Laos and northern Thailand where infection risks are very high. Under this project, HIV/AIDS education materials were developed in local languages, in order to counter the lack of culturally appropriate information regarding the prevention of HIV/AIDS among ethnic minority communities.

As part of phase I of the project, a detailed survey of the HIV/AIDS situation amongst the ethnic groups in the pilot areas were carried out. Based on this survey, preventive materials (posters, booklets, video cassettes, audio tapes, puppet shows, etc.) in local languages in the three pilot areas were developed. These materials were tested, evaluated, modified and have been reproduced for use by NGOs and other community organizations to promote HIV/AIDS education.

An external evaluation was completed and the report has been sent to all the participating countries (See Summary Report). A final meeting for all the parties who participated was held in Kunming to share experiences and to decide on follow up activities.