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Biosafety Regulations in Asia-Pacific

Click on the country for more information about its biosafety regulations


BANGLADESH (People's Republic of)

BHUTAN (Kingdom of)

BRUNEI (Negara Brunei Darussalam)

CAMBODIA (Kingdom of)

CHINA (People's Republic of)

INDIA (Republic of)

INDONESIA (Republic of)

LAO (People's Democratic Republic)


MYANMAR (Union of)

NEPAL (Kingdom of)

PHILIPPINES (Republic of)

SINGAPORE (Republic of)

SRI LANKA (Democratic Socialist Republic of)

THAILAND (Kingdom of)

TIMOR LESTE / EAST TIMOR (Democratic Republic of)

VIETNAM (Socialist Republic of)


NOTE: In many cases, we have been unable to obtain GMO/LMO legislation. The reasons for this vary: it may not be translated, it may still be under examination by that country's national legislature, or other reasons.