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Ethics Resources

 UNESCO Bangkok Bioethics Documentation Centre
Currently over 50,000 papers, books and journals are available for scholarly access (with prior reservation of visiting date). 
 Bioethics teaching resources and texts
Multilingual materials for bioethics education (in a broad sense) for open access use are being compiled and shared. The pages are also available in Chinese language version for multilingual teaching resources and Chinese powerpoint files.
 Linked ethics resources 


 UNESCO Bangkok Asia-Pacific School of Ethics 

 Cooperating Ethics Associations 

 Regional Ethics Journals  

 Related Ethics Publications 

 Lists of ethics publications are being compiled. There is a list of UNESCO Bioethics publications. 

 Codes of Ethics
UNESCO Bangkok is compiling a database of Codes of Conduct in Engineering, Science and Technology currently implemented in the Asia Pacific region. 

 Biosafety Regulations in Asia-Pacific 
 Country-by country listed and links to biosafety regulations. 
 Database of Selected Environmental Treaties 
 Table with links to treaty and country. Submissions of new links and materials are welcomed. 

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 Last Updated: 2 September 2012