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Multilingual Bioethics by Topic

Download teaching materials below.

This is an ongoing collection of materials that are available to use and adapt for bioethics education. We invite persons to send more materials, and make more translations/adapted materials for different groups (see additional information here). The language of materials included in this page include Indonesian, Chinese, English, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Thai, Urdu and Vietnamese. Tamil is being prepared.

A Regional Bioethics Action Plan is available in several languages, including goals of bioethics education and a series of recommendations: [ENGLISHINDONESIANCHINESE, JAPANESE, KHMERTHAIURDUVIETNAMESE].

Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights 

Book on participatory exercises
 - Darryl R.J. Macer. 2008. Moral Games for Teaching Bioethics (UNESCO Chair in Bioethics, Haifa, Israel) 

UNESCO Bioethics Core Curriculum
Bioethics core curriculum, section 1: Syllabus Ethics Education Programme
Bioethics core curriculum, section 2: Study materials; Ethics Education Programme

This page of RUSHSAP, UNESCO provides many teaching materials that may be also used as teaching materials. It would be appreciated that Institutions who are considering to use the UNESCO Core Curriculum in Bioethics in Asia and the Pacific countries contact  rushsap.bgk at to be associated to the formal trials of the curriculum, with evaluation on its applicability to your institution.
A bioethics dictionary in English is also available. 
Preface to 2006 Compilation of materials* (MSdoc, 2962KB) 
Feedback Forms  [ENG (MSdoc, 70KB)]
Teacher Feedback Forms  [ENG (MSdoc, 180KB) / THA (MSdoc, 448KB)]
Student Feedback Forms  [ENG (MSdoc, 154KB)]
Acknowledgements and Authorship  [ENG (MSdoc, 2652KB)]
About the Authors  [ENG (MSdoc, 2652KB)]

Download teaching materials: 
A. Bioethics and the Ethics of Science and Technology (MSdoc, 1728KB) 
1. Making Choices, Diversity and Principles of Bioethics  [ENG (MSdoc, 270KB) / CHI (MSdoc, 278KB) /  JAP (MSdoc, 293KB) / Indonesian (MSdoc, 282KB) / Khmer (MSdoc, KB) / Urdu (MSdoc, KB) / Vietnamese (MSdoc, 300KB) / KOR]
2. Ethics in History and Love of Life  [ENG (MSdoc, 338KB) / CHI (MSdoc, 356KB) / Indonesian (MSdoc, 207KB) / Khmer (MSdoc, KB) / Urdu (MSdoc, KB) / Vietnamese (MSdoc, 185KB)]
3. Moral Agents  [ENG (MSdoc, 120KB) / CHI (MSdoc, 131KB) / KOR]
4. Ethical Limits of Animal Use  [ENG (MSdoc, 244KB) / CHI (MSdoc, 240KB) /  JAP (MSdoc, 101KB) / KOR]
5. Ethics and Nanotechnology  [ENG (MSdoc, 864KB)]
Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights  [ENG (PDF, 52KB) / FRE (PDF, 57KB) / JAP (PDF, 246KB) / CHI (PDF, 440KB) / Arabic (PDF, 400KB)]
B. Environmental Ethics (MSdoc, 7432KB)
1. Ecology and Life  [ENG (MSdoc, 512KB) / THA (MSdoc, 345KB)]
2. Biodiversity and Extinction  [ENG (MSdoc, 130KB)]
3. Ecological Ethics  [ENG (MSdoc, 198KB)]
4. Environmental Science  [ENG (MSdoc, 1294KB)]
5. Environmental Economics  [ENG (MSdoc, 1804KB)]
6. Sustainable Development  [ENG (MSdoc, 1345KB) / CHI (MSdoc, 852KB) /  THA (MSdoc, 447KB) / JAP (MSdoc, 519KB) / KOR]
7. Cars and the Ethics of Costs and Benefits  [ENG (MSdoc, 238KB) / JAP (MSdoc, 94KB)]
8. The Energy Crisis and the Environment  [ENG (MSdoc, 1959KB)]
9. Ecotourism  [ENG (MSdoc, 194KB) / JAP (MSdoc, 143KB) / KOR]
10. The Earth Charter  [ENG (MSdoc, 71KB)]
C. Genetics (MSdoc, 1144KB) 
1. Genetics, DNA and Mutation  [ENG (MSdoc, 111KB)]
2. Ethics of Genetic Engineering  [ENG (MSdoc, 84KB) / CHI (MSdoc, 47KB) /  KOR]
3. Genetically Modified Foods  [ENG (MSdoc, 156KB) / JAP (MSdoc, 128KB)]
4. Testing for Cancer Gene Susceptibility  [ENG (MSdoc, 135KB) / JAP (MSdoc, 82KB) / KOR]
5. Genetic Privacy and Information  [ENG (MSdoc, 605KB) / CHI (MSdoc, 572KB) /  THA (MSdoc, 41KB) / JAP (MSdoc, 136KB) / KOR]
6. The Human Genome Project  [ENG (MSdoc, 74KB)]
7. Eugenics  [ENG (MSdoc, 137KB) / KOR]
8. Human Gene Therapy  [ENG (MSdoc, 202KB) / KOR]
9. Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights  [ENG (MSdoc, 78KB) / Japanese / Chinese / THA (PDF) / JAP (PDF, 29KB) / TUR (PDF, 98KB) / Indonesian / Vietnamese]
10. International Declaration on Human Genetic Data  [ENG (PDF, 130KB) / Chinese / Japanese (PDF, 48KB) / POR (PDF, 615) / TUR (PDF, 591KB) / Indonesian / Thai / Vietnamese]
D. Medical Ethics (MSdoc, 688KB) 
1. Informed Consent and Informed Choice  [ENG (MSdoc, 47KB) / THA (MSdoc, 33KB) / CHI (MSdoc, KB) / Indonesian (MSdoc, 48KB) / Khmer(MSdoc, KB) / Urdu (MSdoc, KB) / Vietnamese (MSdoc, 56KB)]
2. Telling the Truth About Terminal Cancer  [ENG (MSdoc, 154KB) / JAP (MSdoc, 47KB) / KOR]
3. Euthanasia  [ENG (MSdoc, 138KB) / CHI (MSdoc, 134KB) /  JAP (MSdoc, 124KB) / KOR]
4. Brain Death  [ENG (MSdoc, 128KB) / CHI (MSdoc, 146KB) /  KOR]
5. Organ Donation  [ENG (MSdoc, 72KB) / CHI (MSdoc, 51KB) ]
6. Brain Death and Organ Transplant Drama  [ENG (MSdoc, 69KB) / KOR]
7. The Heart Transplant  [ENG (MSdoc, 40KB) / JAP (MSdoc, 44KB)]
8. SARS (Severe Acute Respitory Syndrome)  [ENG (MSdoc, 113KB) / CHI (MSdoc, 106KB) ]
9. AIDS and Ethics  [ENG (MSdoc, 145KB) / CHI (MSdoc, 145KB) /  JAP (MSdoc, 105KB)]
10. Ethical Principles for Medical Research Involving Human Subjects  [ENG (MSdoc, 61KB)]
11. Bird Flu  [ENG (MSdoc, 40KB)]
12. Indigenous Medicines and Access to Health  [ENG (MSdoc, 50KB)]
E. Reproduction (MSdoc, 885KB) 
1. Lifestyle and Fertility  [ENG (MSdoc, 394KB) / CHI (MSdoc, 432KB) /  JAP (MSdoc, 47KB) / KOR]
2. Assisted Reproduction  [ENG (MSdoc, 254KB) / CHI (MSdoc, 261KB) /  JAP (MSdoc, 79KB) / KOR]
3. Surrogacy  [ENG (MSdoc, 83KB) / JAP (MSdoc, 91KB)]
4. Choosing Your Children's Sex and Designer Children  [ENG (MSdoc, 47KB)]
5. Prenatal Diagnosis of Genetic Disease  [ENG (MSdoc, 45KB)]
6. Female Infanticide  [ENG (MSdoc, 72KB)]
7. Human Cloning  [ENG (MSdoc, 124KB) / THA (MSdoc, 602KB)]
8. United Nations Declaration on Human Cloning  [ENG (PDF, 105KB) / THA (MSdoc, 343KB)]
9. Human Genome Organization Declaration on Stem Cell Research  [ENG (PDF, 101KB)]
10. Exercise on Cloning and Stem Cell Research [ENG (MSdoc, 48KB)] (Not in printed book)
11. Choosing babies [ENG (MSdoc, 71KB)] (Not in printed book)
F. Neuroscience (MSdoc, 696KB) 
1. Advances in Neuroscience and Neuroethics  [ENG (MSdoc, 459KB) / JAP (pdf, 305KB)]
2. Learning to Remember: The Biological Basis of Memory  [ENG (MSdoc, 104KB) / JAP (pdf, 305KB)]
3. The Neuroscience of Pleasure, Reward and Addiction  [ENG (MSdoc, 203KB) / JAP (pdf, 305KB)]
G. Social Ethics (MSdoc, 732KB) 
1. Revisiting the Body  [ENG (MSdoc, 91KB)]
2. Child Labour  [ENG (MSdoc, 329KB) / THA (MSdoc, 1088KB)]
3. Peace and Peace-keeping  [ENG (MSdoc, 326KB)]
4. Human Rights and Responsibilities  [ENG (MSdoc, 85KB)]

There are some other materials in different languages, including powerpoint presentations and text in German, Japanese, Spanish and English in the bioethics education files page.

Korean translation of 12 chapters of the 2005 edition chapters was made by Dr. Ivo Kwon, Ewha Women's University and colleagues in cooperation with the Korean National Commission of UNESCO, and it can be downloaded as single file here. (3Mb, pdf file). The Korean translation indicated below [KOR] on the new English edition refer to the existence of the Korean translation in the first version, which can be downloaded as the complete file.
Volunteers are welcome to translate more pages into these and other languages, as are new materials!

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