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Reports, Action Plans


Reports of the Ethics of Energy technology meetings please click here.

Reports of the Interregional Philosophical Dialogue meetings please click here.

Report of the Ethics of Energy Technologies launch conference (pdf file

Report of Joint UNU-UNESCO Bioethics Roundtable  22pp.
Date: 15-16 February, 2007, UNU-IAS, Yokohama, Japan. RUSHSAP, UNESCO Bangkok and UNU-IAS.

Brochure "Towards an Inclusive Society: Coalition of Cities against Discrimination in Asia and the Pacific" 24 pp. Date: 2007, Regional Unit for Social and Human Sciences in Asia and the Pacific (RUSHSAP), UNESCO Bangkok 


Joint action plan for Bioethics Education, 7pp. The regional bioethics action plan is available in several languages, including goals of bioethics education and a series of recommendations: [ENGLISH, BAHASI INDONESIAN, CHINESE, JAPANESE, KHYMER, THAI, URDU, VIETNAMESE].

UNESCO Asia-Pacific Conference on Bioethics Education [together with the National Commission for UNESCO of the Republic of Korea and Ewha Women's University]. 26-28 July 2006, Seoul, Republic of Korea. RUSHSAP, UNESCO Bangkok 2006.

Report of UNESCO Consultation Meeting on Codes of Ethics in Engineering and Sciences, 16pp.
15-16 May 2006, Bangkok, Thailand. RUSHSAP, UNESCO Bangkok 2006.

Report of UNESCO Consultation Meeting on Codes of Ethics in Engineering and Sciences 8 pp. 24-25 April, 2006, New Delhi, India. RUSHSAP, UNESCO Bangkok 2006.

Report of CBEC, SIUT and UNESCO Joint Conference and Workshop on Bioethics Education 12 pp. 21-22 January 2006,  SIUT, Karachi, Pakistan. RUSHSAP, UNESCO Bangkok 2006.


Report of the First UNESCO Bangkok Bioethics Roundtable (BBRT1) 10 pp.
Date: 11-15 September 2005, Bangkok, Thailand. RUSHSAP, UNESCO Bangkok 2005.

Bangkok Declaration on Ethics in Science and Technology Adopted on 25 March 2005, Bangkok, Thailand. (Also in COMEST 4th session report)

The Association of Asian Social Science Research Councils (ASSREC). Youth in Transition: The challenges of generational change in Asia. 2005.







Older publications will be linked later.


Translations of UNESCO Bioethics Declarations - We are adding more as they become available:

Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights [ENGLISH (text; brochure, 1.8Mb) / CHINESE / Indonesian / Japanese / Korean / Russian / Thai / Vietnamese]

Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights  [ENG (MSdoc, 78KB) / Japanese / Chinese / THA (PDF) / JAP (PDF, 29KB) / TUR (PDF, 98KB)/ Indonesian / Korean / Vietnamese]

International Declaration on Human Genetic Data  [ENG (PDF, 130KB) / CHINESE / Japanese (PDF, 48KB) / POR (PDF, 615) / TUR (PDF, 591KB) / Indonesian / Korean / Thai / Vietnamese]

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