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UNESCO Youth Forum: Looking Beyond Disaster

Draft agenda and materials of the Second Forum (16-19 August 2012) in Sendai, Japan.

The forum will foster information exchange between persons who have faced many different types of disaster (not directly human-made, although many have significant contributory factors from human activity and environmental change). 

The first forum was held in Christchurch, New Zealand (9-12 December 2011) and focuses on the development of action plans which meet the needs of young people in different communities affected by disasters. Ideas can be exchanged on the facebook group “Looking Beyond Disaster: UNESCO Youth Forum” before, during and after the event. 

The group will continue as we plan further forums. 

The general objectives include: 

•   A global network of young people across Asia and the Pacific empowered to share experiences and exchange ideas on disaster and community;

•   International youth projects designed at the conference to be implemented in different countries; 

•  Ongoing facebook and other social networking discussions; 

•   Recommendations to governments, UNESCO and other bodies on youth resilience, rebuilding communities and disaster response; 

•   Publication(s) on disaster narratives by youth, and videos (the results of the first UNESCO Youth Forum: Looking Beyond Disasters will be published jointly by UNESCO Bangkok and New Zealand Commission to UNESCO)