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The UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005 – 2014

“UNESCO should reaffirm the centrality of education for development. As United Nations lead agency, UNESCO should advocate a more coherent coordination of good governance, quality education, financing education and reducing disparities based on gender or income. We should aspire to inclusive quality education – primary, secondary and higher...
I am convinced that Education for Sustainable Development based on the interdependence of environment, economy, society and cultural diversity, is the key to a better and more just world of the 21st century.”

Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO on Education – the Road Ahead.

In order to support these objectives, UNESCO Bangkok completed a Situational Analysis of ESD in the Asia-Pacific Region, and its complementary the Working Paper: Asia-Pacific Regional Strategy for ESD.

Key sections of this Strategy were drafted at the “Workshop: Regional Strategy for the DESD in the Asia-Pacific,” the purpose of which was to enhance ownership during the Decade by encouraging early consultation of, and contributions from, a wide range of diverse stakeholders.

UN Decade of Education on Sustainable Development, UNESCO Paris


Every person in the Asia-Pacific region learns how to acquire and adapt their knowledge and behaviour to contribute to change for a sustainable future and take responsibility for their actions in consideration of others.


To develop partnerships and synergies with a variety of partners through all forms of quality learning to empower individuals to make informed, appropriate decisions in our future.