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About the Conference

The UNESCO-APEID International Conference is a major event that brings a broad range of participants together to discuss and exchange information on a specific topic. This year, APEID is convening the 13th Conference in collaboration with the The World Bank, KERIS and the National Commission of the People’s Republic of China for UNESCO.

This Conference will provide a forum to explore, identify and synergize innovative approaches for harnessing the potential of ICT to increase the reach and quality of education. Participants, who include representatives from governments, educational institutions, non-governmental organizations and the private sector, will:

  • Develop their understanding of the role of ICT in management, teaching and learning practices
  • Enhance their capacity to develop policies and use ICT to improve the quality of and access to education
  • Showcase  and promote ICT in Education innovations
  • Engage in collaborative ICT in Education programmes and activities to facilitate networking and exchange of experiences

The Conference will focus specifically on the following:

  • Developing ICT in Education policies and National Master Plans
  • Promoting Effective Management and Applications of ICT in schools
  • Improving Quality and Efficiency of Higher Education through ICT
  • Enhancing Innovations in Open and Distance Learning
  • Preparing the Next Generation of Teachers
  • Using ICT to Promote Literacy and Life-long Learning
  • Monitoring and Measuring the Impact of ICT in Education

Distinguished speakers and paper presenters will share their rich experiences in linking theory to practice. Policymakers, educators, teachers, academicians and researchers will discuss, exchange information and learn from each other on how we use ICT in teaching and learning to improve overall quality of education.

Major Conference Activities:

  • Opening ceremony
  • Raja Roy Singh Lecture
  • Plenary and concurrent sessions
  • Networking

Who should attend the conference?
Anyone who is interested in teacher education is welcome to attend the conference. However, some of the identified groups who would particularly contribute to and benefit from the conference include:

  • Members of National Commissions of UNESCO in each country
  • Members of APEID Associated Centres and networks
  • Representatives of UNESCO and United Nations affiliate groups
  • Education ministers, policy makers and planners
  • Principals, leaders and administrators of educational institutions
  • Teachers, educators and trainers
  • Researchers and academicians
  • Education union and professional association personnel
  • Representatives from international and non-government organizations and associations
  • Representatives from community and indigenous organizations
  • Representatives from business, industry and training organizations

Previous UNESCO-APEID Conference themes: