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Venue and Travel

The 13th UNESCO-APEID International Conference and World Bank-KERIS High Level Seminar on ICT in Education, ICT Transforming Education, will be held in Hangzhou, People’s Republic of China, from 15-17 November 2009.

The Opening Ceremony will be held at the Zhejiang People’s Grand Conference Hall. All other sessions will be held at the Zhejiang International Hotel.

Shuttle buses will be provided to transport participants from Zhejiang International Hotel to the Zhejiang People’s Grand Conference Hall for the Opening Ceremony. Please assemble at the hotel lobby on Sunday 15 November at 08:00am.

Zhejiang International Hotel
221 Tiyuchang Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Tel: 86-571-85770088;   Fax: 86-571-85770066;   Email:

The card below has the name and address of the Conference venue written in Chinese. This may assist you in explaining your destination to your taxi driver.


Special rates have been arranged at two hotels from 13-19 November 2009. To make a reservation, all participants should contact the hotels directly, mentioning that you are attending the conference.

  • Zhejiang International Hotel (approx. USD$75)
    To book a room at the Zhejiang International Hotel, please send your request by email to The hotel has closed its online booking system.

  • SSAW Hotel (approx. USD$66-75)

Travel to China

West Lake, Hangzhou, China
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All participants must possess a valid passport and necessary travel documents to China. Most nationalities need an entry visa obtained in advance through their local Chinese Embassy. In case you need assistance with your visa application for China, kindly send us a message.

Airport arrival
To reach the Conference venue, participants from other countries can land at three possible international airports.

  • Shanghai Pudong International Airport
  • Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
  • Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport

Shuttle buses are available at Hangzhou Xiaozhan International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport (10$) to transport participants to Zhejiang International Hotel or SSAW Hotel. Look out for signs about the shuttle service at the airports. Please check your ticket for your airport of arrival as we are not responsible if you miss the shuttle bus service. Reception time at the Pudong airport is every day from 10:00 to 22:00, and the reception time at the Hangzhou Xiaozhan Airport is from 8:00-22:00. The bus is arranged to leave from the airport every two hours.

Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport is about 40 km from the city. The taxi ride will take about 45 minutes and costs about 100 yuan.

Shanghai Pudong International Airport is about 3 hours by road to Hangzhou.

Return bookings and departure from Hangzhou
Participants are advised to ensure that their return bookings are confirmed soon after their arrival in Hangzhou. For this purpose, participants should contact their airline directly. Queues at the check-in counters and at passport control can be long. You are therefore advised to check in for your flight at least two hours before departure.

Main Attractions

The West Lake西湖
The famous West Lake is like a brilliant pearl embedded in the beautiful and fertile shores of the East China Sea near the mouth of the Hangzhou Bay. The lake covers an area of 5.6 square kilometers. The view of the West Lake is simply enchanting, which offers many attractions for tourists at home and abroad.

The Lingyin Monastery 灵隐寺
The Lingyin Monastery, or the Monastery of Soul's Retreat, is a famous historical site of the West Lake. Here exists the Lingyin Monastery, a famous ancient temple in China, in front of which there are Feilai Peak, Cold Spring, Longhong Cave and precious rock cave arts and queer and varied natural caves and gullies.

Spring Dawn at Su Causeway 苏堤春晓
It's a 2.8 km. long boulevard cutting across the south-north scenic area, and lined with trees and flowering plants. When Spring comes with crimson peach blossoms and green willows; the scenery is all the more charming. Strolling along the boulevard, one feels as if the West Lake were wakening in dawn mist. Young willows were ethereal, spring breeze so caressing, and birds were chirping in unison.

The Moon Reflected in Three Pools 三潭印月
"There are islands in the lake and three are lake on the islands." The three stone towers were first built in Yuanyou 4th year (1089) of the Song Dynasty, with the wonderful scenery of "one moon in the sky having three reflection in the lake", it is one of the wonderful scenes of the West Lake.

Leifeng Pagoda雷峰塔
Leifeng Pagoda is a tower by the West Lake in Hangzhou which was originally an octagonal, five-storied tower of brick and wood and constructed in the year AD 975. It has been a popular tourist attraction since being rebuilt in 2002.

As for whether there was a mausoleum below, this was debated for years until finally radar was used to investigate. On March 11 2001 the mausoleum was excavated and many treasures were found, most notably a gold and silver coated hair of the Buddha.In October 1999, the city of Hangzhou decided to rebuild Leifeng Pagoda anew to enhance the scenery of the lake. On 25 October 2002, the rebuilt Leifeng Pagoda opened, built above the ruins of the old one and with documents and exhibits on show for visitors.

China National Tea Museum中国茶叶博物馆
China National Tea Museum located in Longjing Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. It occupies 3.7 hectares and 8,000 square meters construction area. The special subjects of it are about tea and its culture. It was opened to public in April, 1991.

The museum is clustered around the tea plantations. In side the museum, the flower corridors, fake hills, ponds and water-side pavilions are well integrated. So they make it as the park in the south of the Changjiang River where has the clean atmosphere and can feel the closeness to nature.

The Xiling Seal Engravers' Club 西泠印社
The Xiling Seal Engravers' Club was founded in 1986 by Wu Changshuo, a renowned painter and engraver. Today it is China's biggest national engraver's organization.

Songcheng Park 宋城
Songcheng Park is the largest theme Park of Song Dynasty culture and a national AAAA attraction in China. It is one of the first projects of “National Culture Industry Demonstration Base”. Songcheng Park demonstrates the rich cultural contents of Song Dynasty by different kinds of folk-custom and the large performance “The Romance of the Song Dynasty”.

For more information about sightseeing and travel to Hangzhou, access the official website of Tourism Authority of Hangzhou.